Great program

October 21, 2014

Judith M, Downingtown, PA:

I love this program and use my discover card instead of writing checks or using a debit card. I usually save up my rewards until my husband and I are going on vacation. It is nice to have that extra $500 or so. Makes the vacation more doable. Also use the double amount you get to apply to a cruise fare. I do a lot of online shopping at Christmas time and the rewards really add up. Also like it when I have some extra rewards in my account to use for a restaurant gift card when I need a gift for someone. Just wonderful. Thanks, Discover.

Cash back for lower amount

October 20, 2014

Tracy O, atlanta, GA:

Good model of getting cash back. I Wish they can make changes to cash credit statement of $25 instead of $50.

Well, so far discover is doing a great job with the cash back!

Saved 39.00 extra bucks.

October 1, 2014

Sharon G, Northridge, CA:

I wanted a special home ice cream freezer, and the price on Amazon was way too high….so I waited and I waited…..and I waited. Finally, it was ON SALE!! It was almost 50% off!! So I couldn’t resist. I had to have it…I used my discover card at check out, and I was asked if I wanted to apply any of the cashback bonus money I had…(39.00)…so I said yes!! I got that Ice cream freezer for $23.00 (I also have Amazon Prime, so I got free shipping). I really really really love that freezer, but I really really really really loved the bonus savings! It hadn’t even occurred to me that I had cashback bonus money to use….Love you Discover!



October 1, 2014

Faizul H, Madison, WI:

I am not happy with customer service. I just closed my Discover it account and also savings account. They should change their policy to better understand customer needs and be more flexible. They just lost my business.

Cashback to My Rescue

September 30, 2014

Mary Anne R, Seekonk, MA:

Now that I am great grandmother, my family has grown tremendously over the years. When grandchildren pay an unexpected visit and I realize their birthday is approaching, I try to have a Gift Card either at Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse ready to wish them a Happy Birthday. They love the $50 Gift Card; however, I only paid $45 from my cashback bonus. The Cashback Bonus allows me to be more generous than I really am. Cashback Bonuses are great deals!

still waiting!

September 30, 2014

Louis D, Suffern, NY:

I don’t get it, I guess we use a different kind of calculator to come up with 5% I’ve been using my card almost for 2 years and still only have $37.00 crazy! 😵 Not very happy with this, at all, think some things wrong! I feel I should of hit $50 twice already! I know this will never get posted but had to share!

I Just Scored by Layering Cash Back with Discover

September 24, 2014

Ron M, Corralitos, CA:

OK, so I’ve been a Discover user since 1992. Great card and great cash back incentives. It wasn’t until recently when I used Discover cash back with my favorite cash back shopping site. Apple doesn’t give discounts so this is huge. I also got over 20% back at three other stores that I would have normally paid full price. And booked a flight and hotel for 19% cash back. If used correctly I figured this could save us $4000-$5000 a year!

Thanks Discover!


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