Romantic Dinners

April 23, 2014

Priscilla L, Irvine, CA:

My name is Priscilla. I am a college student and a huge fan of Discover’s Cashback Bonus! I don’t have enough money to go out for dates with my partner often, but Discover’s Cashback Bonus makes it possible! By using my Discover card on everyday purchases, I am able to save up enough rewards to take my partner out on dates, such as a romantic dinner at a steakhouse or to enjoy the latest movies. Without Discover, we couldn’t enjoy these luxuries on a college student budget. Thank you, Discover!

Great Customer Service!

April 23, 2014

Taylar T, West Springfield, MA:

I lost my credit card, and the customer service for Discover is just so amazing. They are so helpful and make a very stressful situation so much easier to deal with. A woman named Melissa helped me today and she was so great!

2 40 dollar cash back bonus certificate not credited to me

April 23, 2014

Donald M, kansas city, MO: 

I made a purchase of 77.99 for 1 dozen roses on valentines day and ftd and discover card in return charged me back for the 77.99. what kind of bonus was this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa, Vero Beach, FL.

April 23, 2014

Melissa O, Vero Beach, FL:

My husband and I have used our individual Discover cards since 1998 and have been taking advantage of the Cashback Bonus Points for years! We have received free vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, Keurig coffee makers, and hundreds of dollars in gift cards for restaurants and movies. We have most of our bills being charged directly to our card and this makes paying bills easier and we also can rack up on our points at the same time. I have plugged Discover so much to my friends and family that they say I should be their spokesperson! It definitely pays to Discover….

Best Credit Card, Period!

April 23, 2014

Birendra B, Irving, TX:

Redeemed my points last month, as promised. They threw in a $5 gift card as a thank you! How great is that ?
I always use it for rental cars and while purchasing my airline tickets.
Thank you !!

Why Choose Discover?

April 22, 2014

Julian D, Greeley, CO:

Discover literally offers the best rewards program known to man. At first I was a little skeptical watching all the commercials and hearing about it from others but once I signed up I realized what I was missing. I used to use a couple other creditors but with the cash back that I make I don’t really have to anymore. My other cards were paying 1% or 1 point per transaction with no changes or extras. With discover I always recieve 1-3% along with 5% changing categories and all the perks and protections that come along, including no fees on cashback. Only small businesses don’t accept discover. Ive already made $80 bucks in 2 weeks In comparison to $25.00 in 2 years.

Cash Back Bonus

April 22, 2014

Robert S, Massapequa, NY:

I’m very satisfied that Discover offers a program that gives cash back. I used it on my previous statement and received $200. Thanks Discover, this makes me happy to have this Credit Card!!


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