Best Card on the Planet

October 23, 2014

Thomas M, Beach Haven, NJ:

I’ve never understood negative feedback on some of these posts – not about the card and not about customer service. I have had nothing but PERFECT interactions anytime I’ve had to speak with customer service. As for the card itself – are you kidding me? If you use it wisely and correctly, the cash back piles up QUICKLY. Use it for EVERYTHING – purchases, paying bills, etc. Take advantage of every 5% promotion they offer, use Shop Discover when shopping online (so many quality stores offer anywhere between 5 and 15 percent back on purchases)and try using the added promotions when offered to you. The most recent was an ADDED $300 cash back if you are able to spend $2000 per month between August and December 2014. Not sure I was going to be able to do it, but am currently well on my way. That’s an EXTRA $300!! Use wisely and for everything and you will never be disappointed.

300 cashback was a ripoff for me

October 22, 2014

Greg NAL:

I received a letter in the mail that stated if I spent 2,000 dollars a month from like June to end of September I would get 300 dollars added to my cash back, said it was a special offer for me, I never seen any place to sign up for this, I went out and spent money actually over spent buying stuff I needed but could have put off for nothing because discover said I wasn’t enrolled but they would enroll me in the upcoming offer so, I got cheated basically out of a free 300 dollars. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth to not get something that was sent to me in the mail, this new program is online and I never received anything in the mail for this one, it seems the first one should count since it was sent to me personally in the mail.

My rant for the day.


Great program

October 21, 2014

Judith M, Downingtown, PA:

I love this program and use my discover card instead of writing checks or using a debit card. I usually save up my rewards until my husband and I are going on vacation. It is nice to have that extra $500 or so. Makes the vacation more doable. Also use the double amount you get to apply to a cruise fare. I do a lot of online shopping at Christmas time and the rewards really add up. Also like it when I have some extra rewards in my account to use for a restaurant gift card when I need a gift for someone. Just wonderful. Thanks, Discover.

Cash back for lower amount

October 20, 2014

Tracy O, atlanta, GA:

Good model of getting cash back. I Wish they can make changes to cash credit statement of $25 instead of $50.

Well, so far discover is doing a great job with the cash back!

Saved 39.00 extra bucks.

October 1, 2014

Sharon G, Northridge, CA:

I wanted a special home ice cream freezer, and the price on Amazon was way too high….so I waited and I waited…..and I waited. Finally, it was ON SALE!! It was almost 50% off!! So I couldn’t resist. I had to have it…I used my discover card at check out, and I was asked if I wanted to apply any of the cashback bonus money I had…(39.00)…so I said yes!! I got that Ice cream freezer for $23.00 (I also have Amazon Prime, so I got free shipping). I really really really love that freezer, but I really really really really loved the bonus savings! It hadn’t even occurred to me that I had cashback bonus money to use….Love you Discover!



October 1, 2014

Faizul H, Madison, WI:

I am not happy with customer service. I just closed my Discover it account and also savings account. They should change their policy to better understand customer needs and be more flexible. They just lost my business.

Cashback to My Rescue

September 30, 2014

Mary Anne R, Seekonk, MA:

Now that I am great grandmother, my family has grown tremendously over the years. When grandchildren pay an unexpected visit and I realize their birthday is approaching, I try to have a Gift Card either at Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse ready to wish them a Happy Birthday. They love the $50 Gift Card; however, I only paid $45 from my cashback bonus. The Cashback Bonus allows me to be more generous than I really am. Cashback Bonuses are great deals!


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