Dinner Date with the wife

July 21, 2014


can’t get any better than this! A free Dinner date with the wife of 52 years.
Love the OUTBACK, Thanks to Cashback bonus.. yeah

Gift for one of my five GrandDaughters

July 16, 2014

Gift R, Saint Louis, MO:

Graduation gift fora Grand Daughter that is just special one that will be going on to college. I have four others that have Birthdays and one of those is graduating from college, so I have to make the small amount of money go a long way.

Discover Cards Cashback Bonus is AWESOME!

July 16, 2014

Meredith S, Mansfield, TX:

I use my discover card to make my everyday purchases and by the end of the month I have enough points to either get something nice for my husband or for us to go out on a date at a nice restaurant! I love Discover, and would never use any other credit card! Highly recommend any of their products!


July 16, 2014

Robert W, Tampa, FL: 

My wife and I have used the Discover card since 1996 because of its cash back feature. I also have the Chase Freedom card. I have been using both cards interchangeably depending on their 5% cask back offers. That will change today as in future I will use Freedom always except when Discover has a 5% category I like. Why? I just learned that Discover does not provide 1% cash back on all purchases until after you have spent $3000 in a year. Less than $3000 is payed at .25%. Freedom pays 1% always and offers quarterly 5% cash back categories. No comparison. Freedom is the way to go.

My Cashback Bonus helped me propose!

July 16, 2014

Anthony A, Saint Louis, MO:

I used my cash back rewards to help pay for a surprise trip to Key West Florida, where I then proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years. Thank you Discover! I love the rewards program that DiscoverCard offers.

Got Giftcards From my Bonus

July 16, 2014

Philip N, Urbandale, IA:

I just used my Discover card at first for every day things then the first month I used it a home improvement store and started a garden during the April-June period. The 3rd quarter was nice to get extra for gas since gas is usually higher in the summer so it helped me get away a little bit more then. then it was a little nice to get some cash for big things I had come up later in 2013. I used my first round of cash back by getting a gift card for $25 witch I spent on a few things I needed and got 2 movies out of it as well. In 2014 I used it to go out to eat a little more often and go see some movies and rent them too since that was the 1st quarter 5% deal. I got another $20 this year. Also am earning more by using it a home improvement store for changing out light bulb to make them more use less energy and buy air filters and buy more garden stuff to plant this year garden.

discover cash back bonus

July 16, 2014

John B, sedalia, MO:

i tried to call discover and only got the automated service. you advertize how you give personal live service. the cashback bonus service didnt give me an option for credit on my account or would it give me a live operator. i get this slip in the mail that says “visit http://www.discover.com/fuel the fun for full details including how it works,rules and more. i tried to get this and all i got was the run around. I wanted to ask someone about my bill but I couldnt get a live operator. discover.com should be discover.con you try to sell everything and you give the customer the run around. I am about ready to cut my discover card in half and go back to visa


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