Discover is awesome

October 30, 2014

Mingluo Z, HAYS, KS:

With my Discover card, I have so many choices of online shopping, and it helps save money! The specialists are always kind and patient,and they do help me a lot! This is my first credit card, and I believe I will keep using it!

I was a happy customer until recently. ShopDiscover has disappointed me!

October 30, 2014

Kate N, Chesapeake, VA:

I have been using ShopDiscover whenever I shopped online since I can earn cashback with my purchase. Most of the time, I opted out from using sites such as FatWallet or Rebates since the cash back process from ShopDiscover seemed pretty straight-forward. I have never been disappointed with ShopDiscover until now.
99% of the time, ShopDiscover failed to report cash back after 30 days a purchase have been made. Normally, I would send Discover an email with the purchase order #, date of purchase, and the amount. As long as the amount shows up on my statement, I get my cash back. However, recently, on numerous occasions, Discover would not give me my cashback until it contacts the merchant to perform an investigation, which can take another 4-6 weeks. I am a little bit puzzled about this. I do not understand why I have to wait 30 days to remind Discover to give me the cash back AND wait another 4-6 weeks for Discover to “investigate”, although there is a record of me clicking on ShopDiscover link and there is also a charge of the amount from the merchant on the same day.
All in all, I am very disappointed in ShopDiscover. If this continues, I believe I and many other Discover customers will opt out on using ShopDiscover. I would rather use FatWallet or Rebates to avoid the hassle I have to deal with when shopping with ShopDiscover.
Please consider looking into ShopDiscover and improve your customer service. I know Discover Card prides itself on its exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, ShopDiscover is in desperate need for some improvement.

Birthday gift for a much deserving person

October 29, 2014

Logan H:

My boyfriend and I wanted to get his mom something nice for her birthday, not just flowers or a Visa gift card she might turn around and spend on her grandchildren or husband. So, turns out, her favorite store is Lane Bryant which is one of your partner gift card companies so we printed out the e-gift certificate and it is going in the mail today! We turned $20 into $25 and now she can buy HERSELF something pretty for her birthday!

where is my bonus

October 28, 2014

Elizabeth v, clewiston, FL:

I am a college student and decided to go with this card to build my credit. What caught my attention is the cash back bonus especially when using it for gas. so far i only saw it once. I mainly use this card for gas money but i have seen no reward.

Discover sends my daughter to college!

October 28, 2014

Charla C, Lewis Center, OH:

I took advantage of Discover’s $300 bonus by doing most all of my purchases Dec. – Jun. on the card. The $300 was on top of the normal Discover card rewards I earned for all of my spends. Upon receiving my bonus, I cashed all of my reward points in for Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards, taking advantage of the $20 worth of reward points for a $25 gift card. I was then able to combine a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon with the gift cards. All told my daughter was able to get $650 worth of merchandise for her dorm room for $40 out of pocket. This, on top of Bed Bath and Beyond’s program where you scan items you want at your local hometown store and pick them up at the location of your college so as not to have to haul them to college in an over packed car, made this the most AWESOME shopping experience ever.

Why your credit card and banking not merge for over 40 years!?!?!?

October 27, 2014

David L, Sacramento, CA:

The Big Banks interest rate maybe sh.tty but at least they have the common sense to allow a customer to go into their online banking to check and pay for their credit card!

If it is not a security problem that they have overcome why Discover and American Express which are banking institutions too not allow their customers like myself to do it in one screen!?!?!

Someone up there is definitely NOT making their paycheck worth their customers who would sign up in millions if they do it!!!!


October 25, 2014

Valerie L, Derby, KS:

Love to see the amount add up. It makes a great gift for a G’son and his new wife. Having a steak dinner on us as a surprise. Then it was a nice surprise for a newly married G’daughter and her husband to have a dinner on us also. This makes wedding gifts to. Never know when the next dinner will come or to whom!!


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