July 16, 2014

Zhe l, Albany, NY:

I only hold one discover for half year and already got more than $100 bonus.
The best way is to use shopping discover plus website sale.

PLUS, they give you gift card with 5%, 10% even 20% discount!

PLUS, small value of bonus can use directly buying Amazon gift card, you will use it future anyway.

The best online shopping card ever.

I feel lucky to have this one as my first U.S. credit card.

Make my day and someone elses

April 18, 2014

Jnna W, Dubuque, IA:

I use my Discover Card for all purchases, bills and online shopping (including ShopDiscover). It racks up the rewards very quickly. I redeem them for restaurant certificates so that I can take my kids out and it feels like we are being treated. I have also sent them to friends anonymously. This time I am sending one to a friend going through a divorce with little extra money. I want her to be able to take her kids out for Valentine’s Day.

Cashback Bonus = Stock Purchases

April 18, 2014

Rafael T, San Francisco, CA:

I only recently started to use Discover, making purchases from retailers who offered a 10% cashback bonus after the holidays. The items purchased, which were all on sale from national retailers, in turn provided inventory for my small, but fledgling auction e-store, it’s profits used to purchase more inventory.

The cashback bonuses, which totaled over $300 during the holiday season were then earmarked for small stock purchases, providing a little more long term financial security for my family.

Loving ShopDiscover but want added to the list!

April 17, 2014

Tim H, Los Angeles, CA:

I’m loving the ShopDiscover retail partners. I’m saving a whole bunch of money.

I would like to put in a strong request for to be added to the list. I do a lot of online shopping there and it would great if it was added!!

Extra savings

April 17, 2014

Gail F, Racine, WI:

Since using, I enjoy the added discount cashback rewards gives me. For instance, my husband and I haven’t had a new tv for 15 years, so we finally splurged, and got back over $70 with cashback rewards. I view that as an additional savings of $70 which I use to put toward our Discover bill. We love Discover. They have awesome benefits and excellent service!


April 16, 2014

Ron P, Monroe Township, NJ:

I don’t know of any program that would give you cash back dollars on your copay’s for prescriptions. Walgreens is my pharmacy and my prescriptions are listed online (requires my password). So, if I go through Discover and connect to Walgreens through Cash Back Bonus, I could refill my prescriptions and whatever the copay is, I can get a cash back bonus for this amount. Hello, my wife and I are seniors and when you reach our age, these copay’s truly mount up especially since copay’s are always increasing. My wife will be on one drug, for six months, which has a copay of $1500 a month. It will be nice to get back $900 in cashback bonus money.


Christmas Savings

April 11, 2014

Courtney J, Kenner, LA:

We save out cash back bonus to use as Christmas savings. We use Discover as our primary card. Our children all have a card as they turn 16 years old for gas purchases and emergencies. By the end of the year we have quite a savings. With the additional money per card we get more for shopping or for gift cards. Also shopping Partners our cash back bonus becomes larger as we go. It is a great way for Christmas not to catch us unprepared as my husband and I love to give to everyone. Isn’t giving so much more fun then receiving!

Use the Discover retailers

July 13, 2013

Rich Q, Chicago, IL:

Whenever I have a major purchase, for instance, clothing or electronics, I always check to see if the vendor is one of the Discover retailers. If so, you can get 5% or more cash back from that purchase. I’ve gone through the Discover site for retailers like Land’s End and Eddie Bauer. If the retailer has a physical store that allows online ordering and in store pickup, such as Best Buy, I always do my order through the Discover link and use store pickup. Within a few days, I get an e-mail from Discover informing me of an additional cashback reward from that store.
It is a great system. Why not get cash back for something you would purchase anyway?

I love Discover Credit Cards

July 12, 2013

Jose C, San Carlos, CA:

I just love Discover, there is no annual fee and when i shop at discover shop i can get cash back at many many rtailers like :D I’m so happy with them… They approved me a month ago and so far this is the only card i use :) believe me i have Visa and Master Card, also Capitol one but Discover has the number one customer service, they are so friendly i just love it. I want to say thank you to Discover for been the mos AWESOME and AMAZING credit card company in The United States of America…. Not to mention they approved me for $1700 when capital one only approved me for $300?? :D

I bought a new dishwasher with my rewards

May 8, 2013

Tina S:

I’ve been saving up my reward dollars for over a year now and this month with the Home Improvement deal, I have purchased a new dishwasher. I ordered it through shopdiscover (5% rewards) and in April (5% home improvement rewards) and will pay for it with my rewards balance!

A couple things I really love about Discover is the awesome online features (especially the spending analyzer), 5% Rewards Program, and their customer service. Oh and I love it when they send me coupons…such as the 10% at Home depot! Another $40 savings and $19 rewards! Yup definitely love Discover.


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