arlinda’s review

April 22, 2014

Arlinda J, houston, TX:

I got the $25 bath and body works gift card for $20 and then went to the bath and body works outlet and got a lot of great bath items on sale so I was excited.

Make my day and someone elses

April 18, 2014

Jnna W, Dubuque, IA:

I use my Discover Card for all purchases, bills and online shopping (including ShopDiscover). It racks up the rewards very quickly. I redeem them for restaurant certificates so that I can take my kids out and it feels like we are being treated. I have also sent them to friends anonymously. This time I am sending one to a friend going through a divorce with little extra money. I want her to be able to take her kids out for Valentine’s Day.

Writer loves her Discover Card

April 18, 2014

Jen T, Pflugerville:

Our Discover Card has been the only credit card our household has used in the last fourteen years!! In June of 2014, we will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary!!

Our Discover Card has been pivotal (and privy!) to hundreds of noteworthy experiences that have gone on to become award winning stories. How amazing it is, then, that not only do we get the satisfaction and security of owning the card, but we also get to capitalize on the Cashback bonuses, too!

This Christmas was a perfect example! Almost 100% of our shopping was done utilizing the Cashback bonuses (gift certificate for new golf clubs for my father, movie certificates for my brother-in-law, etc., etc.). Any other gifts that were left to purchase were all done on the Discover Card, as well.

In the end, whether leaving to travel, or shopping online from the comfort of our own home, it really _does_ pay to Discover.

Cashback Bonus = Stock Purchases

April 18, 2014

Rafael T, San Francisco, CA:

I only recently started to use Discover, making purchases from retailers who offered a 10% cashback bonus after the holidays. The items purchased, which were all on sale from national retailers, in turn provided inventory for my small, but fledgling auction e-store, it’s profits used to purchase more inventory.

The cashback bonuses, which totaled over $300 during the holiday season were then earmarked for small stock purchases, providing a little more long term financial security for my family.


April 18, 2014

David E, dallas, GA:

This is the worst rewards program I have ever been in and I want to get the word out to get out now!!!! The commercials on HULU lie and their is not much customer service will do. So here is my story and I hope it helps you out.

I signed up on the discover site in December. Like many Americans I like to sign up and control my reward programs. So I eagerly clicked on the programs I liked and thought I was enrolled in the programs. I was not. Turns out their is a huge glitch on the discover web site, a glitch that they don’t tell you. Seams like Internet Explorer will not let you sign up for the cash back reward programs you want. SO you have to be in a different browser in order to apply for the reward programs. Their is nothing on the web site to warn you of this huge disconnect. So their I was thinking I was earning extra points when I was not. All due to a glitch that Discover is aware of but has made no attempt to clue its customers in on.

When I explained my story, discover was able to backdate me to the 1st of this month. It was something but still ultimately unfulfilling. After all I tried to get involved early in these programs and due to their own IT issues I was unable to get enrolled. So beware and always double check the programs you have signed up for to make sure you are actually in them. Once you are enrolled call and confirm this with discover by PHONE ,not internet, and make sure that you are signed up. Other wise you are going to get a lot of heart ache with their reward programs.

Rewards use for friend that had heart surgers

April 18, 2014


My best friend had to have open heart surgery as a result of taking diet pills years ago. This was a very fast decision as she had the surgery within weeks of my finding out about her visit to the doctor. The surgery went well with some minor complications. She is still in the hospital as it’s been only a few days since the operation. My husband suggested we send flowers but I did not think that was a good idea since she would be in ICU following the surgery. And then I remembered that we just gave our grandchildren and son Discover Rewards Cards for Christmas. They loved them, being able to use them in any store the wanted, and having their own names on the card. That’s when I decided to send a Discover Rewards Gift Card to my best friend because when she gets to go home it will help her to order in prepared food and other items until she gets to feeling better. And when I went to order the card I found one with a Flower design. How about that.

Shopping Spree at Lowe’s

April 18, 2014

Vincent C, Greenbelt, MD:

I’ve consistently cashed in $90 in reward points for a $100 gift card to Lowe’s for the past several years. In the latter half of 2013, I participated in the “Spend $1500 monthly get $250 cash back”. I did the math in regular spending (daycare, gasoline, etc) and a planned vacation, and I knew I’d be able to accomplish the goal without increasing my normal spending.

Month after month, I tracked my spending as I do with my budget, and when I had the opportunity to ShopDiscover (buying from online retailers through Discover’s online portal) I would readily do so. That method generally involved doing regular shopping, but before I checked out, I’d log on to Discover to check if my merchant was one of its vendors. If so, I’d navigate to the site through Discover, and voila, there was my full shopping cart with only two or three clicks away from final checkout. Throw in there Discover’s holiday bonus (e.g., get 10% instead of 5%), I easily accomplished the $1500 monthly goal. Within a few weeks after the promotion ended, I received the $250 cashback on top of the regular cashback I would have received. I then cashed in on a Lowe’s gift certificate worth $100.

When I realized I hadn’t budgeted enough for my home project, I pulled up the DiscoverCard app on my phone and quickly redeemed a couple of more eCertificates. In the end I traded $225 Cashback for $250 in Lowe’s eCertificates. It was like receiving a free gift, and the beauty of it all is that this was all from my normal spending.


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