I Just Scored by Layering Cash Back with Discover

September 24, 2014

Ron M, Corralitos, CA:

OK, so I’ve been a Discover user since 1992. Great card and great cash back incentives. It wasn’t until recently when I used Discover cash back with my favorite cash back shopping site. Apple doesn’t give discounts so this is huge. I also got over 20% back at three other stores that I would have normally paid full price. And booked a flight and hotel for 19% cash back. If used correctly I figured this could save us $4000-$5000 a year!

Thanks Discover!

Baggage Delay Insurance covers NOTHING

September 23, 2014

Vida VMA:

I love Discover card and all the benefits it offers, but after last trip from Europe I am very dissapointed…
My luggage was delayed for more than 24 hours. I’m eligible for the ‘Baggage Delay Insurance’ offered by Discover card, however, not a penny was reimbursed…
The add on Discover website – “As a complimentary feature of your Discover Card, you are automatically eligible for reimbursement of the actual cost of replacing any personal items from your checked luggage, up to $500, if your luggage is delayed at least three hours in getting to you at your scheduled destination”.
I hope you will never need to use this complementary feature, but if you do, be ready to get nothing…

Extra Gas Money!

September 22, 2014

Annemarie S, Coleman, MI:

This card is so awesome! I won’t have to scrounge up gas money to get my daughter to the doctor. Although this isn’t a great story to most Discover card users; I appreciate the cash back bonuses for the struggling people such as myself!

Customer Service

September 22, 2014

Faizul H, Madison, WI:

I had a discover IT card and savings bank account only for 2 months. Today I just closed both my IT card and savings account for poor customer service. I was very surprised that they did not even tried to retain my business. There was zero attempt to retain a customer. I am very happy about my decision on closing my accounts.

CBB makes great gifts

September 20, 2014

Ryan R, Franklin, WI:

I never know what to get people for presents anymore. Cash just seems too impersonal. With Cashback Bonus, it’s easy to find a gift card for everyone and I’m always getting at least $5 off the gift card price. I’ve recently used my rewards for my tween cousin (fashion), my in-laws that have everything but love eating out, my mother who is always traveling, and I snuck in something for myself as well. I love redeeming my CBB online to find something that fits for that person.


September 17, 2014

Victoria W, Houston, TX:

I love it , is a great deal make your payments and get cash back!!!

Rewards/Seem to be Fake

September 17, 2014

Lynn D, Brandon, FL:

I must be doing something wrong, I have used my card over the years and spent thousands of dollars and so far my rewards is $39.95. I can’t even remember the last time I have had enough to redeem. I don’t understand how this all works, I have used this card at resturant’s, to book cruises, to buy clothes and nothing. Does it have to be on just the allowed things that month, like this month it’s gas? Use to be I got rewards for anything I purchased, when did that stop?


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