Remembering my four legged family members

August 26, 2014

Betty S, Carlinville, IL:

I used by reward money to purchase memorial stones for my cats that have passed away. They are beautiful stones and I purchased them with my cash back bonus money. They came from Blue Ribbon Memorials. These people are very pleasant and compassionate!!! I highly recommend them if you lose a beloved pet and want to put something at their graveside for remembrance.

Statement Credit

August 25, 2014

Kathleen S, Cleveland Heights, OH:

I used my $50 cashback bonus towards a statement credit. It is so wonderful that Discover card offers this great option! Thanks for the extra 5% cashback on gasoline this quarter!

Bait and switch offers * I discovered after an hour of my time

August 25, 2014

Gary A, deerfield, NH:

No reward… week after week two or more offers from Discover IT or some other trend… different colors ok looking terms… finally I called and after 20 minutes of questions “lets finish this up with a few more questions from our completion specialist?” transfered to another person… no more questions just “well I can’t offer what we offered but I can offer you other terms or insentives”… I don’t like bait and switch so I said No Thank you and please remove me from the junk mail list… later that week now e-mails (the one I just gave on the phone ap) saying they need just a little more info to finish up!

Here is a thought… a good biz idea maybe… more up front… less lies and more straight honest marketing… done with my reward rant :-)~

Miles Helping Me Celebrate Dad’s 80th Birthday

August 25, 2014

Terri T, Ft Worth, TX:

Along with daily needs, I use my Discover card to pay for all my monthly bills including weekly groceries and gas. This helps me accumulate over the year enough miles to book at least one flight. This year I am able to enjoy a flight home to Wisconsin so I can help my dad celebrate his 80th birthday on 9/20/14. This will be such a “festivity” because I will be seeing other siblings I haven’t seen in years. Discover Miles is the perfect rewards program for me and I appreciate Discover Card offering it as one of their bonus programs.

Cashback Bonus

August 24, 2014

Cindy R, Dayton, OH:

I use my discover for everything :)
I used my rewards this time to buy each of my 6 grandchildren a discover gift card so that they can use it towards their school clothes.
I plan on giving them the gift card and taking them school shopping and I believe they will truly see what they get for their money by using their card, maybe even second guessing what they want to wear on how much it is ??


Anniversary trip

August 24, 2014


I saved my cashback bonuses for the year and that was my “mad” money on our 45th anniversary trip to Hawaii!!!! The luau was great!

New microwave above stove

August 23, 2014

Ellen S, Irvine, CA:

I used my points to obtain Lowe’s gift card for two years. Then after I saved $400 in Those Lowe’s gift cards from my Discover points…I purchased a wonderful Fridgadare microwave to go above my new stove. I feel so lucky and satisfied to get rewarded with this new microwave for free simply by using then paying down my Discover card. It’s the best reward plan!!!!! Thanks to Discover for making my life better!


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