Cashback to My Rescue

September 30, 2014

Mary Anne R, Seekonk, MA:

Now that I am great grandmother, my family has grown tremendously over the years. When grandchildren pay an unexpected visit and I realize their birthday is approaching, I try to have a Gift Card either at Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse ready to wish them a Happy Birthday. They love the $50 Gift Card; however, I only paid $45 from my cashback bonus. The Cashback Bonus allows me to be more generous than I really am. Cashback Bonuses are great deals!

still waiting!

September 30, 2014

Louis D, Suffern, NY:

I don’t get it, I guess we use a different kind of calculator to come up with 5% I’ve been using my card almost for 2 years and still only have $37.00 crazy! 😵 Not very happy with this, at all, think some things wrong! I feel I should of hit $50 twice already! I know this will never get posted but had to share!

I Just Scored by Layering Cash Back with Discover

September 24, 2014

Ron M, Corralitos, CA:

OK, so I’ve been a Discover user since 1992. Great card and great cash back incentives. It wasn’t until recently when I used Discover cash back with my favorite cash back shopping site. Apple doesn’t give discounts so this is huge. I also got over 20% back at three other stores that I would have normally paid full price. And booked a flight and hotel for 19% cash back. If used correctly I figured this could save us $4000-$5000 a year!

Thanks Discover!

Baggage Delay Insurance covers NOTHING

September 23, 2014

Vida VMA:

I love Discover card and all the benefits it offers, but after last trip from Europe I am very dissapointed…
My luggage was delayed for more than 24 hours. I’m eligible for the ‘Baggage Delay Insurance’ offered by Discover card, however, not a penny was reimbursed…
The add on Discover website – “As a complimentary feature of your Discover Card, you are automatically eligible for reimbursement of the actual cost of replacing any personal items from your checked luggage, up to $500, if your luggage is delayed at least three hours in getting to you at your scheduled destination”.
I hope you will never need to use this complementary feature, but if you do, be ready to get nothing…

Extra Gas Money!

September 22, 2014

Annemarie S, Coleman, MI:

This card is so awesome! I won’t have to scrounge up gas money to get my daughter to the doctor. Although this isn’t a great story to most Discover card users; I appreciate the cash back bonuses for the struggling people such as myself!

Customer Service

September 22, 2014

Faizul H, Madison, WI:

I had a discover IT card and savings bank account only for 2 months. Today I just closed both my IT card and savings account for poor customer service. I was very surprised that they did not even tried to retain my business. There was zero attempt to retain a customer. I am very happy about my decision on closing my accounts.

CBB makes great gifts

September 20, 2014

Ryan R, Franklin, WI:

I never know what to get people for presents anymore. Cash just seems too impersonal. With Cashback Bonus, it’s easy to find a gift card for everyone and I’m always getting at least $5 off the gift card price. I’ve recently used my rewards for my tween cousin (fashion), my in-laws that have everything but love eating out, my mother who is always traveling, and I snuck in something for myself as well. I love redeeming my CBB online to find something that fits for that person.


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