I am a proud Discover’ian!

July 16, 2014

Ravi P, Leander, TX:

My first credit card when I first came to US as a student is Discover, since then I loved discover for various reasons. From July 2013 to date (10 months) the cash back I received is $363.49 (monthly sign up) + $400 (special offer bonus) + $100 (Wallet protection) totaling $863.49 + free card benefits (trip insurance and so on). Apart from all this free fico scores, different design cards, GREAT customer service here in USA, multiple tools to use and track spending. The only complaint I have is little or no presence out of US, I might be wrong and I cannot use discover for flight purchases when traveling abroad (ex: etihad airways). I never had a bad experience in this entire time and I say I am a proud Discover’ian :)

AMC Cashback Bonus Loses You $4.00

July 16, 2014

Louise B, Parker, CO:

I have bought the AMC movie bundle that Discover states, “For $20.00 of cashback bonus you get $25.00.” I usually give them to my kids to use, but the last two times I used it, AMC would only give me $8.00 toward the movie ticket. With the $5.00 gift card in the bundle my $20.00 only gave me $21.00. I called Discover customer service to complain and the representative(I asked for a manager) was very sympathetic to my complaint and promised to look into it and call me back. Her followup call stated there was nothing Discover could do. Discover did refund to my cashback account $28.00 for the last 7 AMC bundles I had purchased, which I did appreciate. I am so disappointed that Discover can not live up to the claim for the AMC bonus. And I hope Discover customers read this and not lose, unknowingly, their bonus benefit!

outstanding card to have

July 16, 2014

Donald M S, s j p, NM:

too many thing to enumerate…BUT I’ll try….

i used to get $dollars and dollars$ of cash back bonus s
even before the I T card and before the seasonal promos

so far easy…earned 100+ $ in gift cards…..

yes i give them away….[didn't cost me much]….yes some merchants do NOT accept Discover but Oh we..

oh… and i recently had a dispute….. the Discover folks
settled it without any intervention other then the initial complain………….what can i say………..

and yes I have recommend the I T card to friends and family

which helps me alot too……………….

Discover Card Is Great

July 16, 2014

J F, Homedale, ID:

I love how Discover card allows someone to use their cash back bonus dollars to increase the net worth.


July 16, 2014

Zhe l, Albany, NY:

I only hold one discover for half year and already got more than $100 bonus.
The best way is to use shopping discover plus website sale.

PLUS, they give you gift card with 5%, 10% even 20% discount!

PLUS, small value of bonus can use directly buying Amazon gift card, you will use it future anyway.

The best online shopping card ever.

I feel lucky to have this one as my first U.S. credit card.

Giving Back

July 16, 2014

Melissa S, Durand, WI:

I love cash back bonus. I take my bonus money and get gift cards
or use it back on my card to buy items for our quarterly auction at our Assisted Living. Because money is always tight and we are always trying to think out of the box of ways to encourage our residents to participate in exercises, activities etc. So we give them auction bucks. Everytime they exercise or come out for an activity they earn auction bucks towards our quarterly auction where they can use there fake money towards nice gifts we have purchased!!! THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU AT DISCOVER!! Who let us earn rewards so I can give back where it counts!!! Thanks again!!! This is how we get our nice gifts for the residents to buy with their earned auction bucks!!! GO DISCOVER!!! The picture is there meal prior to the auction, a picture of the purchased gifts around the fireplace.

Great this far (new holder)

July 16, 2014

Giovanni P, Fishkill, NY:

I see my rewards clearly as indicated by Discover. Earned both at the 5% and 1% levels, and rewards are available to either cash out or whatever I want them for. Please continue and I will gladly say great job Discover.


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