Cashback Rewards Bonus $300

September 1, 2014

Michele C, Shelbyville, IN:

At the end of December/13 I received an opportunity to enroll in a special $300 bonus reward if I used my Discover card for a minimum of $2,000 in purchases monthly January through August. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I have always used my debit card for regular family purchases throughout the month. To my surprise I did quite well through the challenge. Somewhere mid-month August I met my final month’s requirement and now am set to receive the bonus sometime in a few weeks. Thank you Discover for engaging me and encouraging me to use my Discover card for regular household purchases.


September 1, 2014

Michael Z, MURRAY, NE:

We used our reward points and got several gift cards in differing amounts for wedding and birthday gifts. Love that we don’t have to shop around and had them filed away in filing cabinet to use for those occasions. Have even slipped a couple to our grandson – just because!

It’s Just So Easy

August 31, 2014

Virginia R, Collins, NY:

There’s no trick to earning great rewards! Discover makes it so easy by giving categories that I use everyday!! It’s not like I have to buy exotic animals from a circus to earn my 5%. Everyday things like gasoline, home improvement, Department stores, etc. Every week I simply use my Discover card to put gas in my car. Bam!! %5 back!! It’s Gasoline this corner. Last quarter was home improvement centers. They even made that category easier by giving us that right in the middle of summer. It seems like I am at my local home improvement store every day in the summer. 5% cashback again!! It is so easy, Discover gives us categories everyone uses everyday. I plan on using my cashback at the very same home improvement store I got 5% cashback at.

Bonus with Great Customer Service

August 31, 2014

Scott JND:

I get a good amount of cashback from my everyday purchases and getting gift cards to various places on my birthday isn’t bad either! If I ever have any questions about my account, I can always talk to a real person in their customer service department. Bonus, it is almost always somebody in the United States (so far always in my case!), which is a huge plus. They are always friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. Shoutout to Discover Delaware!

Cannot recommend this card enough to friends/family! Keep doing what you do Discover!

Cash back Bonus

August 29, 2014

Phyllis T, Decatur, AL:

We use our cash back bonus money to purchase the food cards from Discover. We love being able to eat at Chili’s, Olive Garden, Longhorn and Red Lobster FREE just for using our Discover card for all our purchases.


August 28, 2014

James C, cypress, CA:

My wife and I have a 4 year old son. These are the years to take all the photos we can. My wife was at a water park with our son while she was trying to take a picture gravity took over and my wife fell in camera and all. We tried to save our camera doing the rice thing to no avail. Our house is on a budget and a new camera was not in the numbers. Our cash back is our extra money that is not counted and we use it for big ticket items only once in a great while. Needless to say we were so happy to have our Discover cash back as a little savings account to cover stuff like a new camera when we weren’t shopping for one. Thank you so much for the rewards program. We even got the extra 25.00 card just for getting gas. We love the extras just for using the Discover card.

It died

August 28, 2014

Carol E, kingston, PA:

My rewards seem to have stopped accumulating.I know I just sent in over $7000.00. ?????


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