I Should Have Stayed With Discover

November 10, 2012

Tina A, Holland, IA:

So I get my Discover Card paid off and decided to cash in my cash-back bonus and close it. You know, eliminate the temptation to use it again. I should have listened to the account representative when she suggested I keep it open to boost my credit rating. I have a great credit rating so I felt I didn’t need it and closed it anyway. The next thing I know my only other credit card (I’ve had since 1989) is sold to another bank and they are very difficult to work with: can only set up online payments if you have a checking account with them, cannot set up monthly automatic payments, SUPER high interest rate, on and on… Well, I ended up calling Discover back and opening an account again and I now have 0% interest for 14 months! Wow, my Visa card can’t do that! And I can set up monthly automatic payments so I’ll have the balance I transfered from my Visa paid off in no time. Thanks Discover! I never should have left you in the first place!

CASH (never) BACK

November 9, 2012

N P, Orlando, FL:

Just want to share with people about my Cashback experience. As advertised, Discover says cool 5% cashback, so I made terrific purchases and at the time of cashback awards, I got to learn that I have used merchants discount codes. For in my case, my merchant sold the merchandise with price cuts and not discounts. But Discover has a reason not to award me my Cashback.
This was most lame experience for me ever, no more Discovering with Discover for me!

Very Suspicious Accounting Practices

November 7, 2012

Beth F:

I signed up for the double cash back bonus on 10/26/12. I had been monitoring my statement to see how quickly transactions usually post, since the double cash back only applied to transactions that posted on that day. I noticed that most transactions posted the same day they occurred. Out of the 5 transactions that I made on 10/26, not a single one posted that day. VERY Suspicious. Discover can manipulate posting dates so that they don’t end up having to fulfill their cash back bonus promises. This makes me VERY unhappy. I’ll also note that all of those transactions were either made in the morning or early afternoon. They had plenty of time to post the same day.
Also, reading some of the other comments, I learned some things I didn’t know. Where does someone find the fine print?? I can’t find it anywhere–not even in the large brochure of fine print that comes with the card and every so often from Discover–and I actually read those! Very misleading.

Couldn’t build It

October 22, 2012

Augustine R, Beonx, NY:

I don’t have a rewards story. I could of had one. I had $5000.00 Credit with over $2500.00 available with the latest promotion for all purchases at 0% for 12 months and then Discover reduced my available credit to what was already used on my card.

Thanks For Nothing.

Love Cashback Bonus!

October 22, 2012

Debra R, Warrenton, MO:

Love the Cashback Bonus! Had a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then had bonus cash to do some wonderful fun clothes shopping.

direct deposit

October 22, 2012

Nush U:

I just direct deposit my cash back bonus to my bank account. Pays for my utilities at my dorm!$50 bucks every month!

the cash back bonus is a Joke

October 22, 2012

Charles W, falls church, VA:

In june I had $68.25 and redeemed $50.00 which left a balance of $32.60. so from June to September I have charged $4,947.74 and I am told that my bonus is $43.39.
I am preparing to pay my due statement which is $969,93 as I always pay my debts ,But some how I feel as though this my LAST STATEMENT at discover as I have been a coustomer since 1987 ,when I say my statement I mean my LAST STATEMENT/
Thanks for all of your service

Diamond are this Girls Best friend!

October 21, 2012

Krsiten K:

We have always used our Discover card to pay for our daily lives just to rack up the cash back. We use it to pay for the newspaper , the cable bill, the Gym membership, grass service, pest service, etc. We have been card holders for over 10 years now and we have used our cash back for gift cards to eat out, store cards to buy Christmas gifts, and my two most favorite cash back purchases……Diamonds! An anniversary band and earrings! Ultra Diamonds has the most unique styles and with the double cash back offer we only paid sales tax and both items were valued over $1000 each! I LOVE DISCOVER! Thank You

I used our cash back to get my Repaired

October 21, 2012

Jean E H, Phoenix 85033, AZ:

My computer was not working it kept Freezing on I was able to get it repaired Thanks to our Discover Card And get cash back

Textbooks for My Dream

October 20, 2012

Teresa L, Carlsbad, CA:

I’m almost 50 and it was only a few years ago that I figured out what I want to do when I grow up. I found some classes at a local community college that were reasonably priced. I signed up, paid for classes, bought software and a computer and then got e-mails from my new teachers telling me what textbooks I would need for the classes. My funds were thin and I remembered I had a stockpile of cashback bonus points at Discover. I was able to buy all of my books using Discover points by shopping at Barnes and Noble online. BTW, online is much less expensive than shopping at B&N’s retail. Making my dream a reality.


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