Better than Senior Discounts

February 26, 2015

Annette C, Harvey, LA:

We enjoy eating out, and with the rewards program we eat out for free. Better than getting a Senior Discount, we get it free.

Remodeled 2 bathrooms

February 26, 2015

Barbara S, Jefferson Twp., PA:

We just started to save for vanities,and granite tops with attched sinks,by buying the first vanity with the rewards we already had. Before that,we used the rewards for Xmas presents for our growing family. After a few trips and a cruise,we were able to have enough to pay for 75-80% of the floors ,vanities/with sinks and then we bought all the hardware online,charged them to my discover and gott the floors for 50% off,as well as a special discount from Discover from Sherwin and Williams paint of 70 % off. Our 2 new baths will be started in 45 more days and they cost us almost nothing ,thanks to discover Rewards.


February 25, 2015

Blenda G, Denver, CO:

I was very disappointed when I was only given a $800 limit with a 668 credit score. I have three other cards that are over $5,000 that was given with a lower credit score. Then without warning after having them for 3 months, they lowered my credit limit to $520. I will definitely be paying it off and closing the account. I heard great stories with lower credit scores and have been EXTREMELY disappointed with Discover. I will never recommend this waste of a card to anyone. They denied my fiancé who had a credit score of 714 and no negative things on his report. So something is definitely wrong with this company. No wonder so many places don’t accept the Discover card!

discover greatness

February 18, 2015

Dominick I, central islip, NY:

I have been a discover card user for over 15 years and reaped the cash back bonus since it began. I have received hundreds of dollars in the past years and will continue to do so going
forward for years to come. Discover has always been there for me
and there phone reps have always been pleasant and sincere if I had a problem or just needed advice. I hope Discover continues this great service and even greater bonus offers.

No reward card recieved

February 18, 2015

Patricia J F, Fullerton, NE:

Redeemed points last summer for a card to Bed, Bath & Beyond and never received it in the mail.

$72 Big Ones!!

January 28, 2015

Edward N, Siloam Springs, AR:

My wife and I have not used our Discover Cards as much as we wanted to over the past year. The credit limit and APR (for those rare months that we don’t pay in full) have been somewhat of a disappointment. This past Christmas, we decided to see what kind of Cashback Bonus we could rack up during the month of December and we were pleasantly surprised. We purchased the majority of our Christmas presents online and even bought ourselves a Christmas present (Vacuum Cleaner).

Our Cashback Bonus from December was around $72 and change. I love the fact that each month I can easily transfer my Cashback Bonus into my Discover checking account. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings in the form of Cashback Bonus!! I would very much like to make this my everyday card but I’ll need to have the credit limit grow a bit more before I am able to do that.

Thank you for the Cashback Bonus Discover!!

Cashback Bonus

January 28, 2015

Tracy C, Riverton, IL:

I have been been a member of Discover for many years. I love my Discover and use it for everything. I pay all the groceries, cell phone, directtv, gas and anything else that I can use it for. I always manage to earn lots of cashback bonus and always take advantage of the links for online shopping to earn additional cashback bonus. I always save it up the whole year and then redeem them for Discover gift card and their partner gift cards for Christmas gifts. I love having free gifts cause then I can give more to everyone. I am very disappointed that Discover is ending the Discover gift cards in April 2015. Really hope that they can reconsider. I have always recommended Discover to everyone.


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