Don’t use ShopDiscover!

Robert R, Souderton, PA:

I used ShopDiscover in November 2009 to purchase a $600 airline ticket through Orbitz. As of Feb 2010, I still have not received my 5% cash back on this purchase. I have made several calls to customer service who are unable and unwilling to do anything about it. I will never use ShopDiscover or my Discover card again.

I have been a long time cardholder in excellent standing and do not have a balance.

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  1. Don says:

    I understand where you are coming from,on Nov. 27 2009 I made a purchase thru
    Shop Discover from Dell Computers for 10% cashback bonus. I did not get the bonus which was $ 50 dollars on a 500 dollar computer. I faxed all of my purchase records to Discover a week ago and have not heard a thing from them yet. Also on every promotion that they have had for cash back bonus money I
    have had to go to customer service to get the money. I have always got the money but this shows, you won’t get it if you don’t complain. If the 10% bonus
    fom shop discover to Dell is not resolved I will be cutting my card in half.

    • dennis says:

      Discover is completly shady and they NEVER give you back what they say the are. Half of the promotions are complete lies and the customer service agents are clueless as to how the program works

      This past month they did not even match the 1 percent on my purchases. Cutting the card up today. Chase and Bank of America have the same kind of reward programs and I never have problems with them


  2. Don says:

    My cashback bonus still has not shown up 9 days after faxing all the information requested. To confirm my purchase thru Shop Discover.

  3. Discover Card says:

    Robert, I’m sorry to hear about this but the reason we can’t give you Cashback Bonus is that the 5% offer isn’t valid for flights with any of our travel partners. The 5% Cashback Bonus offer is good for when you book your next hotel reservation, car rental or vacation package through Orbitz. I hope that helps. Thanks –Suzanne

  4. Discover Card says:

    Don, We had a temporary promo code problem with Dell but everything is back online as of today 2/8/10. We’re currently processing the back-log so you will receive your Cashback Bonus. We’re sorry for the delay.
    Thanks –Suzanne

    • Don says:

      How much longer do I have to wait Suzanne it has been three weeks since you told me about the promo code problem. Don

      • Discover Card says:


        We’d like to reach out to you personally. Would you be willing to provide me with your name and phone number and the best time to reach you at
        Thanks –Suzanne
        Social Media & Brand Manager at Discover

  5. Peggy says:

    wonder how this turned out? hope the man got his money! Too much customer no service these days.

  6. mike says:

    If you read the fine print, airline tickets through Orbitz or any of the booking websites don’t qualify for the 5% cash back. You have to purchase a trip i.e. hotel and flight package.

  7. Robert says:

    Looks like I have to waste my time and fight for my 5% I did not get from my Advance auto Parts web order. Bad enough you have to sign up for specials but you get screwed from Shop Discover as well.

  8. charles says:

    I use Discover Card as my primary credit card, mainly for shopDiscover benefits and other cash back rewards benefits. I’ve had no problems with Discover nor ShopDiscover. I’ve been a cardmember since 2002.

    • Jerry says:

      I got mine years ago when it was a new credit card issued by Sears and almost no merchant but Sears accepted it. Discover has come a long ways!

  9. jon says:

    I didn’t pay much attention to last year’s cashback. Wish I have now.

    This year, I made some purchase in September through Shopdiscover. When I called today to check the status, I was told there is no record of me purchasing though their site. While, I used the discover card, didn’t I. And I was very sure that I purchased through their site!

    Now the fun begins. so if you value your time and money, stay away from shop discover.

  10. Ryan says:

    I’m so glad I found this thread! I had an identically terrible ShopDiscover experience on! I’ll never use this service again. awards cashback quickly and over 150 transactions I’ve never had a problem and never had to argue about a thing!

    I just made a large purchase at a well-known retailer by clicking through Shop Discover. Then I received an email confirming a Cashback Bonus amount of .5% rather than the 5% advertised, but when I called customer service today, I had to speak with 3 people and waste 20 minutes of my time – only to find out this:

    1. Cashback can take up to 8 weeks to post
    2. If not properly applied to my account after 8 weeks then I have to send them a copy of the invoice
    3. If Discover agrees that I’ve met their “criteria” then they will forward this info to the merchant who can twiddle their thumbs for an additional 4 WEEKS while they review it.

    Don’t use Shop Discover unless you want to waste your time on the phone and via email, arguing to receive the cashback that you are due. Instead use – I’ve been through these shenanigans before with Discover. The time you’ll waste arguing and following-up can be better spent visiting with your family!

  11. Andrea says:

    I purchased a tv for 469.99 from on November 29. I went through shop discover to get my 5% cashback bonus. Well it’s now December 14 and I’ve received no email or cashback bonus. I did the live customer chat, and she told me it can take up to 2 weeks to receive the email. When I told her it’s been 15 days she said she can’t do anything for 8 weeks because it takes 8 weeks to show up. Huh??? I said “Well it’s been 14 days and i’ve received no email so clearly there is a problem”. To which she replied: “I’ve bought things through before and got the bonus but no email.” So how did she know she got it???? Seemed like she was just trying to push me off and not help at all. “Wait 8 weeks and ask us again, then you will be someone else’s problem”. Nice. For the record – I never entered any promo codes at checkout. So. There’s no reason I shouldn’t get my 5%. I would have used my debit card if I had known I’d get screwed out of my 5% (which is almost 25 dollars on this purchase). It’s insane – and it’s the worst customer service ever. She just kept trying to push me off!

    • Discover Card says:

      Andrea, I’m really sorry to hear about this and I’ve forwarded your feedback to my colleagues in Customer Service. They are going to reach out to you personally to resolve this. Thanks –Suzanne

      • Andrea says:

        Well – no one ever “reached out to me”. I sent an email through my account to try to get someone to take me seriously. This is seriously irritating. I’ve called, I’ve chatted, and now I sent an email. Hopefully someone will help. You shouldn’t promise rebates if you won’t deliver, or help people with it. This sounds like absolute FRAUD to me.

  12. Alan says:

    Discover always says they are sorry, but they still do nothing about the problem. When I made a complaint about their program, they never printed the comment, but they always print the positive ones. In my opinion, Discover is a fraud and they have no one but themselves to blame. All one needs so VISA and AMEX and you are set. Don’t waste your time with Discover.

  13. John says:

    I am a long time Discover Card user and whenever I used ShopDiscover I never got the bonus reward automatically. I had to spend time and follow up several time to get it. I don’t think they are being honest about crediting the rewards they are promising to lure their customers.

  14. Jane says:

    I sent an email about a transaction through shopDiscover not processed for % cashback bonus. I kept track of every transaction and every email from shopdiscover then compared the total with what is available on my account at discover website. The rep DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK INTO THE DETAILS of the transactions. S/he simply copied a few paragraphs from the so-called guidelines and told me to wait for nn days for the credit to be posted.

    Very disappointed!!

  15. Angela says:

    OH NO!!! After reading all of these negative comments about the 5% cashback bonus I feel I was probably cheated out of mine and never checked to see if they were honest in their promo. I’m now going to investigate my cashback balances from now on…… Thanks for the advice. Sincerely Angie

  16. Thank you Discover for allowing even the negative posts to remain online. This thread was on the first page of my Google search for “”.
    A few months ago I called to cancel my Discover card, but on the phone I was promised a 5% cashback for 3 months if I used my card this year for Christmas shopping, etc. So, I used the card. My statements do show a $13 bonus earned now. I am not sure how to claim it but time will tell. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Arthur Rubinett says:

    Ditto on problems getting my cashback credit. I have now tried for over 2 months,, talked to customer service, faxed my purchase info, etc. but still no credit. I have been a Discover member for over 23 years, and unbelievably can get absolutely no resolution on a clear problem. As a lawyer, I am now ready to pursue legal action, possibly as a class action given the number of cases of no credit being given.

    • Discover Card says:

      Arthur, We appreciate the opportunity to resolve your rewards fulfillment issue with ShopDiscover. I assure you our team is diligent about reviewing and resolving any issues a cardmember may have with our rewards program. Your purchase with StubHub happened just as StubHub requested removal from the ShopDiscover program, this caused an issue with your fulfillment. I hope you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve already added the amount of rewards you would have earned— you will see the increase on your next statement. Feel free to call us if you have further questions. Thanks –Suzanne

  18. Discover Card says:

    For customers who are checking out ShopDiscover or having any concerns about the rewards on their personal account, I want you to know that our team follows up on every inquiry and reviews each comment and story. To help everyone out, I want to share a few tips about using ShopDiscover to get the best value.
    1. To benefit from the rewards of ShopDiscover you must log in to thru ShopDiscover,
    2. When you know what retailer you want to shop with, be sure to review the Ts&Cs. We work hard to clearly outline any exceptions and purchase rules. Read carefully, terms are unique for each of the ShopDiscover retailers, especially as it relates to travel and electronic purchases.
    3. When you’ve made a qualifying purchase through ShopDiscover, you will receive a confirmation email within two weeks showing how much Cashback Bonus or Miles you’ve earned, but only if we have your email address. To update your email address go here:
    4. It can take up to 8 weeks for your rewards to show up in your account. This process varies for each merchant and allows time to verify purchases with us.
    5. We all love rewards and I work with a great team who wants to ensure you earn the most through our programs. If you have any concerns about your ShopDiscover rewards— we will promptly investigate and try to resolve it a timely manner. You can reach us through the secure message center.

    Thanks – Suzanne & the ShopDiscover team

  19. Don says:

    This is Don from the post I made on Feb.4,2010, Yes I did get my Discover Bonus
    after alot of rigamaroll the customer service people who worked with me are to be commended. But the battle that one goes thru is very time consuming and I
    feel is unnecessary. Now the reason for my comments today. With the price of Gas over 3 dollars now and on the way up to 4,and the prices that wrecked our economy in 2008. I have decided to cancel my Discover card account. When I started this account the cash back bonus for Gasosline and Auto related items
    was 5% on the first 100 dollars in purchases a month it was my card of choice.
    But then Discover changed the rules and cut it to 1%. I have found another card that pays 4% on the first 250 dollars so I will drop Discover completely and stick with my new card. Consumers need to look around for the best cash back bonus cards. I did. Goodbye Discover after 22 years.Discover you need to pay attention to the market and be competive on cash back awards.

  20. Phil Brennan says:

    I hate the fact that you always have to call to get your ShopDiscover credits. I just called to get two credits posted, and they said that I have to send them copies of all of the order paperwork. Why can’t they just credit the account like they are supposed to? Where are the class action lawsuits against this company? It smells like fraud to me to say that you get cash back “automatically” but really you have to do a lot of paperwork most of the time to get it.

    • Jerry says:

      I wonder why I have never once had to call to get my Shopdiscover credits.
      I wonder why I have never once had to send copies of paperwork.
      I wonder if it is because I read, understand and comply with the terms and conditions and follow the easy to use steps in using Shopdiscover.

      • Maddi says:

        Ha. Me too.

      • Ella Goldmacher says:

        i have never had a problem with ShopDiscover either until the last billing statement. After looking at this site i went to check my cashback balance and realised that i never got cashback for any of my purchases from LLBean and Prior to that i’ve always gotten my cashback.
        I recently made a 2K purchase from BestBuy and have not gotten a cashback confirmation e-mail for that either, so i guess i’ll have to fight for that.
        And guess what, after using cashbak for years i know exactly how to use it. If this doesn’t get resolved i’ll be cancelling my Discover card.

  21. Jon says:

    So far when I have used shopdiscover, I have gotten emails within a week of purchase saying what my award will be. However, I’m not sure how they are calculating. I am actually getting 4.7% not 5%. Seems petty but its still dishonest. If they do that for everyone, thats a pretty big profit for Discover.

    • Discover Rewards Team says:

      Jon-I just want to clear up that if you make a purchase through ShopDiscover and a 5% Cashback Bonus is the award for a particular retailer, you do receive the full 5% for the item unless otherwise indicated. The Cashback Bonus, however, is not paid on taxes, shipping, installation and service fees, gift wrapping, and gift cards. -Kelly

  22. Chris says:

    I am wading through the BS that is receiving shopdiscover cashback. I purchased a tv during the sears “holiday bonus” promotion on 12/11/2010. I logged in to shopdiscover, clicked through to then bought the tv. Well, no email a week later and a call to CS resulted in the “wait for 8 weeks”.

    Now it has been 8 weeks. I called today and THEY DENIED THEY EVEN HAD THE PROMOTION. Well luckily for me I took a screenshot of the site. Discover CS basically called me a liar over the phone then refused to help me. Now it is up to me to prove to Discover that I deserve the rewards.

    Really makes you want to do business with a company that calls you a liar…

  23. John says:

    It has been 8 weeks to the day that I purchased a Refrigerator through the Discover Web Site from Sears on 12/11/2010 TODAY is 2/11/2011. I charged $1,080.49 to my Discover in order to get Sears’ 10% holiday special availabe ONLY through the Discover Web site. Well, I have not received one penny, I am VERY unhappy and now I wish I had applied for the Sears card instead of taking the chance through Discover. Looks like this is going to cause me to lose $108.04 because it does not appear that this is going to be honored….DISGUSTING….John

  24. John says:

    On 12/11/2010 I logged onto the Discover Website, chose Sears THROUGH the DISCOVER SITE because there was a 10% Holiday reward. I charged $1,080.49 to my Discover Card. My REWARD should be $108.04. I called and was told wait up to 8 weeks. Today it is 2/13/2011. It has been 8 FULL weeks & 2 days. Why should I EVER trust Discover in the future when the 10% REWARD owed me has NOT been given. I am VERY unhappy,but I am not going to give up. Either they will get on the ball and give me my due reward QUICKLY or I am going to send copies of my transaction to the Attorney General of North Carolina and let him handle the situation. With all of the conplaints I have read online about Discover not honoring their rewards,( I am going to send copies of those complaints to back my actions up) I hope that that Roy Cooper, our Attorney General will shut their business down in the State of North Caolina. I hate a liar and I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS!!!….John, North Carolina

  25. Gary says:

    I was highly upset when I made a macy’s online purchase, only to make an in store exchange…and to see a $40 deficit in my rewards! WTF. Lesson learned. No longer will the shopdiscover have influence on 2011 Christmas purchases.

    • Discover Rewards Team says:

      Gary – Thank you for your feedback. Our Account Manager reached out to you to assist you in resolving the Macy’s purchase/exchange. Because you made a return, your Cashback Bonus was reversed from your account, but you did receive a Cashback Bonus for your “new” purchase. You will see this amount on your next statement. Thank you for being a valued cardmember and allowing us the opportunity to clarify what happened with your Cashback Bonus. -Kelly

  26. Al T. says:

    Folks, I, too have been a victim of the Shop Discover failure to deliver on its committed 10% reward for a television purchased on December 9 from Sears. (% has since decreased to 5%.)I waited the full 8 weeks before contacting them, got this long list of reasons why I might not have gotten it, got an address to mail documentation & a fax number to fax the documentation. Since both cost me a little additional money, I asked for an Email address on 3/1/11 so I could Email the the documents as attachments. Gail Emailed me the same day, telling me that they had an Email address, but she didn’t give it to me. I sent another Email asking for the Email address to Email the documentation as an attachment. Patricia Emailed on 3/3 saying that “I found that your inquiry was addressed as of March 01 2011.” On March 4, I sent another Email, telling them that Patricia and Gail have not answered my question. I asked again for the Email address so that I could Email the requested documentation. Natalie then Emailed me that “We do not have a email address that you can send the information to”.[#451615].

    Folks, I have been a DiscoverCard holder since 1986. Most of the time I have been fairly treated. I was even fairly treated when my card was initially declined while renting a car at LAX a few years ago. My patience finally ran out. This week I was instantly approved when I applied for a competitor’s credit card, promising me a $150 credit if I make $500 in charges during the next 90 days. Other rewards seem better as well. I would not have applied for this card if Discover would have honored its commitment.

  27. Kee says:

    I would NEVER EVER use shopdiscover ever again. What a pain in the butt to chase the cashback bonus I deserve and still not getting anything.
    Their customer service reps are the worst dept I ever encountered. If they’re just copy and paste their guideline rather than trying to help customer personally, what’s the point?
    I’m a long time discover card user, now it’s time to stop using it for good. Sorry discover you just lost another customer.

  28. Steve says:

    I emailed Discover because i had not gotten my ShopDiscover e-mail after purchasing a $1000 computer at thru ShopDiscover for the 5% bonus. I asked them to look into the situation and they sent back a canned e-mail saying something to the effect of “Thank you for contacting us about your purchase through” and told me they were unable to look into the problem until 8 weeks had passed. C’mon Discover! At least READ your customers’ e-mails (so you get the store name right) and then just tell the truth — it’s not that you are “unable” to look into the problem — you’re just unwilling to do so. NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  29. Janet says:

    I am having the same problem with a purchase I made on 1/07/11 linking thru ShopDiscover. I called Disc. on 3/22/11 and was told that I should see it on my next statement. Well, surprise, surprise it’s still not posted to my cashback acct. It’s only about $6.75 but if I go thru the extra trouble to do all of the “linking up” and to the best of my knowledge do everything by the book, I want my bonus of 5% as promised. I never did get an email about the bonus amt. so I should have been suspicious. I made a smaller purchase on 1/29/11 linking to thru ShopDiscover and I rec’d an email about that bonus and I have rec’d it with no problem. Last summer I had made a purch. “linking’ to thru ShopDiscover and I had no problem with that bonus. I had rec’d an email and the bonus was posted in a timely manner. After reading all of the negative comments it seems like I’m going to be in for a rough time getting my 5% bonus.

  30. Donna M. ODonnell says:





  31. Simanta Pathak says:

    Seems like this shopdiscover problem is not only with me, but with many.. man I got this new discover card and thought to give it a try. Purchased a air ticket on Jan 29, 2011 by going to travelocity through shopdiscover. and I still dont see my 5% cashback ! some members here says people didnt get their cashback bcoz of not following the terms well, but what else is to be done here? I did follow everything, still no cashback.. and when I email them they asked me to fax the receipt, i asked if a scan will work, they say no.. I dont have a fax machine.. now what do I do?? .. isn’t this ridiculous?
    have been a holder of similar cashback cards from BofA and Chase.. and never saw such lousy service, looks like discover is good at showing high flying commercials only, lol.. do you think I will trust discover anymore after such an experience with my first transaction with them? Best time to go back and start using my good old chase freedom card I guess..!!
    there is a saying, you can sell sour mangoes in the market only for one day..

  32. Don says:

    Come on people wake up and cancel your account with them it is the only thing they ever will understand. When you make a purchase thru Shop Discover they either hope you will forget about it or they will try and wear you down jumping thru hoops trying to collect it. Myself I cancelled them and beleive me I HAVE NO REGRETS.

    • Gene says:

      Why does Discover have this blog online if Discover does not care about you, the customers?

    • Jerry says:

      I on the other hand have never had to “jump through hoops” and am completely satisfied with my Shop Discover rewards that I frequently earn. Glad you have moved on and have no regrets.

  33. Don says:

    Gene the one and only thing they care about is that you keep using their Discover Card. Reguardless if you have to jump thru their hoops to collect the reward they said you would get and did not. Life is full of choices, I chose to cancel my card with them after 20 years. They were not always the way they are now and it is a shame. I guess they will say It’s the way we do business.
    And I say that is why I shopped around found a better card to use and cancelled Discover.

  34. Justin V says:

    I think I have one to top ALL of these stories. I use my Discover card a *lot*. I use it everywhere it’s accepted, and spend multiple thousands of dollars every month on it.

    Today I logged into my account to look at my statement and found a NEGATIVE amount in my rewards summary. In addition to approximately $300 worth of rewards that should have shown up but didn’t, they had actually taken $100 OUT. The only explanation: The merchant did it, so sorry, we don’t control it.

    Offering a service based on magic that nobody understands and has no recourse isn’t much of a service. Shopdiscover is the only good thing about a card that isn’t widely accepted and doesn’t offer very competitive interest rates. I’ve always carried my Visa as a backup for places that don’t take Discover, but I’m done with that. Hey, at least I only need to carry one card now.

    Nice work Discover, you’ve lost a good customer today. I’ve had the card for 10+ years, and missed exactly one payment (in 2003, while I was moving and bill got lost). I feel we’ve had a pretty good relationship, but “oops” isn’t exactly a satisfactory explanation of the loss of $400.

  35. Vic says:

    I called in to sign up for Discover card cashback bonus of $150, if a charge of $1000+ is made for each month from 1 Jan 2011 till 31st march 2011. Discover is not honoring the promotion. VERY VERY SHAMEFUL on their part. Keep all the paper work that come in for such promotions and date you callin to signup to make up your case when required.

  36. Discover Rewards Team says:

    I’m a member of the ShopDiscover team and I want to assure you — we appreciate your feedback and are making changes.

    We do read every post and will continue to investigate and resolve every inquiry possible.

    If you feel like you have followed all of the below tips and still have not received your Cashback Bonus, please reach out to me. Email your Order ID number, date of purchase & total transaction amount to: This will give me the information needed to investigate your Discover purchase. Be aware that we will NOT ask for personal or account information unless we are corresponding with you in a secure channel such as our secure message center or by phone.

    While we are attempting to resolve your individual Cashback Bonus questions, we also wanted to quickly provide you with some helpful reminders for when using ShopDiscover:

    Before making a purchase with a ShopDiscover merchant be sure to:
    • Read the terms & conditions for the merchant you are shopping with. Some products, or types of purchases, may not earn you Cashback Bonus and each merchant is different, so it is important to review the terms before shopping
    • Do not combine or use coupon codes unless shown within ShopDiscover
    • Do not click off the site or leave the purchase process, as this may disrupt the tracking of your Cashback Bonus or Miles rewards
    • Make sure your email address is up to date
    – If you’ve made a qualified purchase through ShopDiscover, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 2 weeks showing your Cashback Bonus or Miles but you may not see your rewards on your statement for 6-8 weeks
    – To update your email address, go to:

    Thanks for being a ShopDiscover user. Your business is appreciated and my team is here to help. – Bree

    • Joyce says:

      ShopDiscover and Discover is very shady. No wonder I NEVER receive any cashback through ShopDiscover, because I used the merchants’ additional discount codes. I’m switching to Chase. This is frustrating, unpromising, and bad for Discover card users.

      • Owen Glendower says:

        Joyce, I can certainly understand why a merchant offering discount codes would decide NOT to allow an additional 5% discount through ShopDiscover. Why are you blaming Discover for that? It is the MERCHANT’S decision not to allow additional discounts.

  37. Kumar says:

    As someone who does a lot of web programming, I know how fickle and unreliable pledge IDs and cookies can be when trying to track things like ShopDiscover purchases. A lot can go wrong between you clicking the ShopDiscover link and pressing the submit payment button. I capture a screenshot of all of my ShopDiscover purchases-in-progress, trying to grab an image of the URL, too, when it shows things like “CampaignID…PledgeID…Refferall…ID…etc.” Honestly, I’ve never had a problem. I’ve received all of my cashback bonuses. It helps to read the fine print, too. It’s not valid with special offers, so if you got some other fancy discount, you won’t get ShopDiscover $$. If you’re ever in doubt, just close the tab for the purchase site and click start shopping on the ShopDiscover page. Your shopping cart will still be there and you’ll be guaranteed to have the cookie saved for that page.

    I try to redeem mine around $200 instead of waiting forever. In today’s crazy financial world, you never know when a company will pull the plug on a certain type of reward or change its redemption policies (again). Better to redeem often and leave a starter chunk in there for the next redemption than to basically give Discover an interest-free loan :-)

    • Owen Glendower says:

      Thank heavens. Someone who speaks English.

      Kumar, if you have your own small business, consider redeeming $20 in Rewards for a $25 Staples gift card…which you can use in-store or online even on heavily-discounted items.

    • Owen Glendower says:

      ” It’s not valid with special offers, so if you got some other fancy discount, you won’t get ShopDiscover $$.”

      True, but based on one recent experience, you WILL get the ShopDiscover discount on items marked “clearance” on…with free site-to-store shipping.

    • Jerry says:

      I would love to redeem my cashback rewards often but with the $50 minimum (except for selected gift cards and merchandise) and $50 increments required for redemption that is unlikely for me. I now use my Discover card much less often than in the past because of the better cashback plans available for everyday purchases.
      Chase Freedom requires $20 minimum rewards for redemption and no incremental limits. If you have $31.59 in cashback rewards you can redeem from $20.00 to $31.59.
      The rewards are not lower for Walmart purchases either.
      Plus there is no annual penalty on loyal customers that sets you back to earning only .25% on the first $3000 in purchases.

  38. Jason says:

    I also experienced issue with ShopDiscover 5% cashback bonus with my recent Dell purchase. I contacted the customer service of Discover. They responded by copy and paste of the terms and conditions of the cash back for 5% Dell cashback. I told them I met all the conditions. After that, they replied that my purchase was not completed within 72 hr time frame. This is a lame excuse as I used the ShopDiscover link and completed the transaction in less than 10 minutes. After I demanded for more information, they told me they contacted Dell and Dell advised them of the decline reason. So I am not sure if the issue is more related to the merchant or ShopDiscover. But for whatever reason, I am very disappointed with the program and will likely not using the ShopDiscover again.

  39. Henry says:

    Just a warning for anyone thinking about using ShopDiscover. They can deny your claim for any reason they want and there isn’t anything you can do about it. It is a waste of time.

    Also Discover Card advertises 1% cash back until you read the fineprint where it says UP TO 1% BACK. Although they have you thinking you are always going to get at least 1% cash back they can give you less than 1% back and get away with it.

  40. Don says:

    Thanks to all of you that have replied to your experiance with Shop Discover. If they ever get the
    Message they will understand why I dropped them after over 20 years. It is a shame that they don’t seem to get it. I still get 4% cashback on gasohline on the card I use now. With Shop Discover it became 1%. Well Duh, Goodbye Shop Discover Highway after 20 plus years.

  41. Robert says:

    Shop Discover credits me only on about 50% of my purchases.

    I recently made a major purchase with Sports Authority (which was advertising 10% Cash Back) and some other purchases. I linked from ShopDiscover, took screen caps of the purchases. I even turned cookies on in my browser. No credit. Same process for other companies got me cash back.

    I wrote to ShopDiscover, sent all the materials, and got this reply: “I did get a response from The Sports Authority and their advertiser, according to them this purchase was not made using ShopDiscover and our request for credit for your purchases was declined.”

    In other words, they can just deny you made the purchase using ShopDiscover.

  42. Wes says:

    I have the same experience as described above for many people. I submitted all the information requested for a purchase made in October and did hear back at all. Now I made several purchases over the Thanksgiving weekend and have not received any confirmations from 4 different sites. I read all the information, used the link, did not apply any additional discounts, etc…(this is not my first time using Shopdiscover and have been successful in the past) and have yet to receive any confirmations. While I understand the credit does not take place for up to 8 weeks, I have always received my confirmations within one week (most within two days) letting me know that the transaction was successful. I have contacted Discover CS and was sent a canned copy and paste response that it should take 15 days to receive the confirmation, even though when filling out the Discover contact information you are asked if you received a confirmation within 7 days? So know I am supposed to what even longer for both a response on my October issue and my recent issue. I never have any of these issues with my Visa that offers additional rewards. Unfortunately, for all of us it seems that I am not the only experiencing these issues.

  43. Abhishek Gangal says:

    I have the same experience as described above for many people. I submitted all the information requested for a purchase made in October and didn’t hear back at all. Whenever I called the discover customer service they say sir please wait someone will get back to you. Unfortunately I haven’t heard back from anyone nor my cash back bonus has come to me.

  44. Tom says:

    Still waiting for 5% cashback from September purchase. They also owe me 10% cashback from an October purchase. Both made on Program sucks.

  45. Harish S says:

    I have been a Discover fan for sometime now. In the early days I used Shop Discover maybe once a month and it was easy to track the purchases and almost always I would get the email in a few days and it would post correctly. I consider myself an expert at using shop discover after having read and re-read the rules: every time starting with a fresh browser window and not going anywhere else and also not returning items purchased thru shop discover, etc. Now I have begun to use Shop Discover very frequently because of the good cashback deals but unfortunately the more I use it the less I see cash back being posted. Also it becomes very difficult to track every shop discover purchase when you have 15-20 shop discover purchases a month. I am no longer getting emails saying I have earned the cash back bonus and the statements showing up only 1 or 2 of my shop discover purchase cash back even after 8 weeks. Its a real hassle to track so many purchases and have to call them for it – even when I did call, I was promised that since I am a valued customer, they will just add in one of the large purchases without need for faxing the receipts, but that has not happened to date.

    Really, Discover should have a better system to track purchases even if they post after 8 weeks, there should be some way to say which purchases are in the running for getting cashback and which purchases have already got the cashback and how much. Until Discover resolves the Shop Discover issues – especially a way to track purchases accurately and transparently I am going to stop using Shop Discover and instead switch to ebates, fat wallet or big crumbs. These sites are better than Discover when it comes to tracking cash back – they provide click thru history, pending cash back and cash back return/debit descriptions. Discover can do well to learn from these sites: Encouraging customers to use Shop Discover eventually will help not just us the customers, but Discover as well. I hope they listen to the several comments here and do something fairly soon and comprehensively overhaul the Shop Discover cash back reporting as well as the regular cash back reporting.

    • Walter says:

      Your second paragraph is filled with insight. I really like the ShopDiscover program, but I too have stopped receiving confirmation emails. The program would be greatly improved with more transparency.

  46. Discover Team says:

    Hi Harish,

    Thank you for your feedback on the ShopDiscover program. I will pass it on to our team and see what we can do to help resolve some of the issues your having. Also, if you’re not seeing the Cashback Bonus for your purchase, please email Nancy at She can look into your account to help. Thanks! *Janel

  47. Don says:

    Yes The Shop Discover Team is always there to help. But why are they needed why don’t things ever work out the way that Shop Discover Promise’s??? In their Promotions. They did resolve my issues with Shop Discover. But I still dropped Discover Card because I don’t need all the B. S. Hassle
    to get what they are promoting. In my over 20 years that I had a Discover Card I found that if you didn’t complain you didn’t get what they promised resolved. I think they are just counting on people that use these promotions to just forget about them and then they won’t have to do what they have promised. Have other Discover Card holders experianced the same crap?? I feel it is not a accident
    that you don’t get what they promote. That is why I dropped them.

  48. KM says:

    I see I am not the only problem with ShopDiscover. I decided to try the ShopDiscover in Oct. of 2011. After the first statement, my cashback was not on the statement, to which I called Discover and to some others experience I get pushed off. So in December, I send an e-mail to which they would get back to me in 30 days. They never got back to me in 30 days. I glad to see that its just not me.

  49. Dan says:

    Tanya (from Ohio service center),

    I spoke with you 2/14/2012 about a shopdiscover cashback issue. You told me to fax my receipt. I faxed it that evening, but I have not received a response from you.


  50. sandra freedman says:

    Hmmmm!! just got off the phone with discover after discussing their cashback policy. I WAS going to go online to to order something so I could earn those cashback dollars………but after reading all the above comments, think I will just go to the store instead !! I dont have time in my busy schedule to keep revisiting purchases made online to be sure I get my discounts. Would rather not have my information out there in cyberspace and see my discounts at the checkout stand. Thanks, but no thanks to the online shopping opportunities.

  51. Don says:

    Sandra, You have saved yourself alot of grief. You have alot of intelligence and you won’t be scamed by misleading promotions and false promises. That you have to fight for hours to get what they promised you. And you have to provide all the proof by faxing them. That is why I cancelled my card after over 20 years.

    • Jerry says:

      I must be the luckiest person in the world because I have never been scammed or ever had to fight for hours or ever fax proof of my frequent Shop Discover purchases.
      Of course I read and understand the simple terms of using Shop Discover.

      • Don says:

        Yes Jerry I read the terms as well and had all my proof to fax them for my rebate. Most people don’t like to jump thru hoops to get there rebate after following THE RULES. My cashback bonus was almost 100 dollars and I did get it after 5 Months. Also most people don’t like to go thru the time consuming hoops
        when Discover says DUH, We don’t have a record of your purchase or some other excuse. I got my rebate and canceled Discover Card. I don’t like to jump thru all of their hoops to resolve issues that are their fault.

  52. Doug says:

    Don, What the heck are you still doing on this comment page? I’ve read all your comments back to February 2010, and it seems that you had one bad experience which was eventually resolved. What is striking to me is that you have continued to harp on the issue for almost 3 years now. 3 years, for a matter of $50??? Here is a nickel worth of free advise. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE BROTHER! You have wasted so much more of your time holding this grudge than the delay in getting your $50 was worth. If you let it go, you may realize life isn’t so bad.

  53. Susan says:

    I’ve used shop Discover regularly for probably three years now and love it. I have never not had my reward post immediately at the end of the billing cycle I purchased in. Maybe some people have computer problems, link issues, you need to purchase thru the page that links from the shop discover page, no problems for me. I especially loved it when last year during holiday bonus time we had to purchase a new double wall oven and I got %15 back by linking into Sears, that amounted to like $450 cash back I was able to take right off the amount charged to discover, that was on top of the sale price at Sears, that’s a great bonus, I was so happy when I got that confirmation email! I never buy anything online without checking if that retailer is on shop discover first :))

  54. Sumit says:

    I recently purchased a lot using Shopdiscover in last 40 days including pre and blackfriday.. It kinda weired that I got the email for all small ticket purchase and still havent recieved cash back confirmation email for big ticket items/purchases (anything from $200 to $800). I calculated and noticed that I am yet to get a confirmation on upto almost 300~400 in cashbacks ..

    I contacted the customer care and they suggested to wait till 2 billings and then report the missing cashbacks.. but i am little concerned as I might forget all these transactions where I used the shop discover..

    Any way to deal with customer care in a positive manner to get my CB.. I calculated my purchases by subtracting applicable CBs and sometime even bought at a higher price to get it adjusted with the CB bonus

    • Discover Team says:

      Could you please send us an email at and provide your full name on your account and email address? A rep can look up your account and contact you about receiving your Cashback Bonus. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! *Laurie

  55. Elena says:

    I have been having trouble with discover cash back bonus since I first got the card back in 2010. They NEVER have given me what they promissed and when I call or e-mail they claim that it’s not 5% or whatever I signed up for. the last time I signed up for 5% cash back from any online purchase or department store purchase between October and December 2012. Well, I spent over $1500 and my cashback was supposed to be $75. Instead i got $39. I am not even sure what was that, since it’s neither regular 1% nor promissed 5%. I contacted the rep BEFORE making my purchases to confirm my online shoppign places were approved but AFTER I made purchases another rep claoms the places were not eligible.

  56. Aishwarya says:


    I purchased a lot of deals through Groupon, which cashback should give me 15% as on shopdiscover. I haven’t received any cashback bonus till date and was wondering what I should do on the same. I would like some assistance with the same.



  57. I personally speculate the reason why you branded this specific post, “Dont use ShopDiscover!
    I Love Cashback Bonus”. Either way I actually adored the post!
    Many thanks-Fletcher

  58. HD says:

    Terrible experience with ShopDiscover. I made 4 purchases at Groupon and 1 at The North Face through ShopDiscover. Waited the requisite 8 weeks then contacted customer service; they asked for the order numbers. I gave them the Groupon order numbers; they credited me for one purchase ($4.50), but said that they’d have to look into the other three even though I got the order numbers from the same place (the URL, where they’d told me to look). The North Face jacket order had been shipped and delivered over 2 months ago, any emails I had regarding it were purged from my Gmail trash and I didn’t make an account on the merchant website so now I’m out the $15 in Cashback Bonus.

    Moral of the story: Be prepared to keep meticulous records and demand your money.

  59. Yang says:

    Same here. Made on-line purchase (over $400) via ShopDiscover at Bestbuy during Thanksgiving. No confirmation email nor cash back to date. Contacted help center twice, first time said will do investigation after 2 billing cycles, then said I PROBABLY accepted/used other offers when checking out which I didn’t. Totally disappointed.

  60. HD, I contacted ShpDiscover for the Groupon 15% cashback purchases I made in November. I did not receive the 15% cash back bonus. They stated they would look into it, and after no response, I had to email them for a status 3 weeks later.

    I made 3 different purchases through ShopDiscover Groupon, and Discover refused to honor all 3 15% cashback bonuses.

    Since this will not be rectified, I am planning on cancelling my account and using a competitor rewards card.

    Message sent from customer service:

    Thank you for your patience during our investigation into the status of the Cashback Bonus you were expecting with your purchase from Groupon on 11/29/12, Order Id 130988321. I am happy to address your concerns today.

    After reviewing the order information, we have determined the purchase did not meet the merchant’s qualification for this Cashback Bonus. The merchant has advised this order came through another channel. This could mean that you linked through ShopDiscover, but took advantage of another offer after getting to the merchant’s site or the purchase was excluded in the terms. In some cases, the merchant gives credit to the “first” or “last” link used to access their site within a short time frame, as well.

    You may find this merchant’s terms and conditions on our the merchant¿s page within ShopDiscover for your reference, as well as for future purchases. You may also visit the ShopDiscover FAQs section at for more information.

    Please keep in mind that you still received the standard Cashback Bonus of up to 1%, just for using your Discover Card.

    I appreciate the opportunity to be of service and hope this information is helpful. Thank you for choosing to use Discover Card.



    DISCOVER, CASHBACK BONUS and the other trademarks, logos and service marks used in this e-mail are the trademarks of Discover Financial Services or their respective third-party owners.

    ——- Original Message ——–
    Date : Mar 03, 02013 10:21 AM
    Subject : Re: Re: Re: ShopDiscover [#1935236]

    Can I please get a status on this?

    ——- Original Message ——–
    Date: Feb 13, 2013 10:06 AM
    Subject: Re: Re: ShopDiscover [#1935236]
    Sender: Discover Card Customer Service

    Thank you for providing the additional information we requested. I appreciate your patience while we look into this for you.

    We have contacted the merchant and their affiliate, and they will review this matter further. We will e-mail you directly once we receive their response. Please allow four to six weeks from the receipt of the requested documentation. If a credit is due, it will be added to your Cashback Bonus bank within two billing cycles.

    I appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for choosing to use Discover Card.



    We appreciate your feedback. Please to complete a short survey on your customer service experience today.

    DISCOVER, CASHBACK BONUS and the other trademarks, logos and service marks used in this e-mail are the trademarks of Discover Financial Services or their respective third-party owners.

    • Discover Team says:

      I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced. We’d like to look into this for you. Please send your name and zip code to and we will see what we can do. Thanks, Laurie

    • Discover Team says:

      Hi Kendra, Elizabeth from our Customer Service team called you and left you a voicemail regarding this issue. She also sent an outbound email to you providing you details on the resolution. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need anything else. Thanks! Laurie

    • HD says:

      Hope you get the matter resolved!

      I finally had to contact Discover again regarding the last 3 Groupon orders numbers I’d given them. It had been so long that the original messages were purged from my inbox. They credited me the first two purchases ($6.75 Cashback Bonus total) but the last one was “excluded from offer.” Oh well, I’ll pick my battles. But I have followed your example and am using a competitor’s credit card now :)

  61. Robert says:

    I used shopdiscover link to Enterprise rent a car with a 5% reward. As per Enterprise policy you can not pay on line must pay when you pick up the car so purchase can not be completed online. thus reward will not be pd. Enterprise told me they pay Discover but discover never has to give reward

  62. Larry says:

    I got 10% back on dell when I bought my computer on cyber tuesday.. or.. was it cyber monday.. anyways it was like 600 dollars cash back on a 6000 dollar purchase! Make sure you use the link provided and not click on back on the browser or anything but.. it worked for me so.. I’m happy :)

  63. Nairita says:

    After reading the post I went back and checked my previous statements and everything looks great! I have had this card for 5 years now and I never had any issues with Discover. I have called them three times total and their customer service is great! I received a notification once for an “unusual” credit card activity. Discover put a hold on it till I approved the transaction. I was impressed!!! (I know we are only talking about Cashback Bonus but it’s still worth mentioning)

  64. Joey says:

    I thought ShopDiscover was great until I purchased a big ticket item from Sears which has 10% cash back and I went with ShopDiscover instead of BigCrumbs because they were offering a higher cash back. I bought a $1700 refrigerator on November 27. I never had a problem receiving my cashback from Discover and I get a confirmation email days later that I received the cash back from so and so merchant which is great. But with this particular purchase after waiting for weeks, I never got any email or reason why I never got my ~$170 so I had to call Discover. FYI, I also purchased a fridge for a friend a week before this but I used Big Crumbs with their 6% CB (that was another issue but at least I got my CB after they investigated it).

    I got shot down by Discover when I called about this. Their terms and conditions state “Offer is not valid in combination with any offers found outside ShopDiscover”. Whatever offers I received at that time were deals found at Shopdiscover (i.e. 10% off on appliances, $100 off with purchase over $1000, etc.) and these were not outside their terms. Also Discover is quite vague about their phrase “offers found outside ShopDiscover”. This is not very specific to using a coupon. It is underlined but no explanation. I even called one time about this and they said coupons will not void my cashback with the purchase. It seems that the phrase is just something that they can arbitrarily use as a reason not to get cash back for big ticket purchases for example. Now I have received CB from ShopDiscover even if I used coupons so I thought I never had to worry about any purchase where I get discounts from the merchant.

    Anyway, they said that I used a coupon so I am not qualified to get cash back and told me to contact Sears about it. Discover should have contacted me about it earlier so I can cancel my purchase and redo it using Big Crumbs where I would have received $100 cash back and use my Chase Visa card instead. I wasn’t warned by Sears also but I guess that’s not their responsibility. So Sears pay Discover because I went thru ShopDiscover but Discover will not pass on those savings to their customer. That’s quite unscrupulous I think. I called again a couple of months later to complain but the rep this time was more sympathetic and said that I should be receiving my cash back after two billing cycles. I thought that was great but then months later I ‘discovered’ that there was no cash back! So I called yesterday and the agent said that he could not help me. He based his decision on my first call, not the second call. Of course I was quite disappointed by it as it is a big cash back ($100 if i went the BigCrumbs route). I have been using Discover for many years and this experience left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s bad enough that many merchants don’t accept their card but I try to use it as much as I can with their 1% CB on other purchases. Of course after this experience I will be using my CHASE VISA cards more instead for purchase outside Discover’s rotating categories. And would rather use my CHASE VISA, AMEX, or CITI cards now if they are offering the same 5% categories. I actually pay my phone, internet and cable bills with Discover, I will be transferring them to my other cards. Whatever they gained from not giving me the cash back, they will lose it more from somewhere else.

  65. Don says:

    Good for you Girl, Maybe they are finally learning. But I still have MY DOUBT’S.

  66. Joey says:

    I left a lengthy response here the other day about my experience with Shopdiscover cash back. l know it posted, but now it’s gone. WTH!

  67. JBT says:

    Is my post still under moderation? It has been a week!

  68. Tom Mueller says:

    Know how you feel, I’ve been a member since 1989, Had a dispute with company. Discover did nothing to help. made a mistake on their end and credited me one payment. Thank you for helping me Discover what a worthless card you are.

  69. claudia says:

    i’m going through this right now. made groupon purchases in august that haven’t posted. my october purchase posted. I also received an email from groupon after my october purchase stating the amount of cash back that I would receive. my august purchases would have given me about $45 cash back. I am going to look into another more reliable credit card. There should be a record of me going to shopdiscover that day and me clicking on the groupon link for each purchase. the fact that discover pays groupon in full and then groupon pays them back what I should be getting in a bonus is troublesome due to the fact that groupon can pick and which purchases they want to honor and I, as a consumer, cannot do anything about it.

  70. Inna says:

    I, like many here, have a problem with Shopdiscover. Extremely disappointed and upset! Purchased a vacation package on Orbitz thru ShopDiscover, spending just under $3000. The promised cashback bonus was 10%. That was on July 31, 2013. Contacted them in September about not getting the cashback, and was told to wait until 8 weeks after the date my trip completed. Mind you – never used an offer from Orbitz, not a coupon code, nothing – just linked thru Shopdiscover. Finally, today – received this vague response from Discover – not a single statement there is true – will be referring this further :

    Thank you for your patience during our investigation into the status of the Cashback Bonus you were expecting with your purchase from:

    ORBITZ, Order Number: PBORB0509821944, Order Date: 7/31/2013, Transaction Amount: $2,959.53

    After reviewing the order information, we have determined the purchase did not meet the merchant’s qualification for this Cashback Bonus. The merchant has advised us that this order was referred by another affiliate/publisher. This could mean that you linked through ShopDiscover, but took advantage of another offer after getting to the merchant’s site. In some cases, the merchant gives credit to the first or last link used to access their site within a short time frame.

    • Discover Team says:

      HI Inna, I understand your frustration and apologize that you were not satisfied with the response we previously provided. We’d be happy to look into this further if you’d like. Please send us an email at with your full name and zip code so we can contact you. We look forward to hearing from you. *Laurie

  71. sam says:

    Discover is hopeless; they cheat all the time on cashback issues. not only are the agents rude but the whole process is very shady.

  72. Erik says:

    I often have problems with cashback through Shop Discover. It is often the amount that is incorrect, as was the case with a recent $1,000 order from Petco that I was only credited approximately $15 for, rather than the $100 I was supposed to be credited. In other cases, I have received nothing at all.

    • Discover Team says:

      Hi Erik, Thanks for your feedback. We’d like to look into this for you to see if we can help. Please send us an email to with your full name and zip code so we can get in touch with you. We look forward to hearing from you. *Laurie

  73. Joe says:

    I would say this is enough for a class action lawsuit. They only do this on large transactions. Small purchases are credited cash back instantly.

  74. Carolyn says:

    This is first time that I have used Shop Discover. I am also waiting on a large purchase of a Craftsman T3000 riding lawn mower that I purchased thru SHOP DISCOVER directly to made with my Discover card. May, 2014 No coupons. I had never purchased online to Sears before. It was the Dads and Grads 10% Cash Back , which made my decision to purchase here.. After the 8 weeks of not getting a cash back, I contacted Shop Discover, They said I would have to wait another 8 weeks, they said Sears has not contacted back. .I already waited 8 weeks. Now here it is August, 2014, and nothing. I read all of the rules, There was no limits on price or items. I did not use a partner site and I logged in directly thru,>SHOPDISCOVER.> My bill is fully paid on an over $2000 purchase. Balance 0.. If this is not taken care of, now, my card will be cut in half, Both Sears and Discover and I will contact, Attorney General. I made screen shots of everything, back in May 2014, when I made my purchase, Now pay up.

    • Discover Team says:

      Hi Carolyn! I can certainly see your frustration with this situation. With ShopDiscover, the extra Cashback Bonus is paid by the merchant. Since you have not yet received it, please contact our ShopDiscover Specialists directly who can get this resolved for you. You can reach them by calling the number on the back of your card and asking for them or sending us a message in the secure message center once you have logged into your account. Here are the directions to end us a secure message: click on the blue “Messages” link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen then click on “Compose Messages” tab, select “Rewards” for the category, and “ShopDiscover” for the subject. Then there will be a list of things we need in order to complete the investigation for that purchase. I hope this helps! Hilary

      • Carolyn says:

        I have already sent several messages to Shop Discover,Secure messages in middle of July 2014 they are the ones that told me I had to wait another 8 weeks They said has not replied back ..They would investigate. Still waiting……

      • Carolyn says:

        reply back from Shop Discover 7/21/2014 after 2 previous messages to Shop Discover. This was after already waiting 8 weeks.. Purchase was in May, 2014

        Thank you for contacting us about a purchase you made with Sears. I appreciate your patience while we look into this for you.

        I show we are still waiting for a response from the merchant. We will e-mail you directly once we receive their response. Please allow four to six weeks from the receipt of this information. If a credit is due, it will be added to your Cashback Bonus bank within two billing cycles.

        We appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for choosing Discover.



  75. Discover Team says:

    Thank you for that information. Since you have not heard back with sending us messages in the Secure Message Center, please call us and ask for our ShopDiscover Specialists directly. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Hilary

  76. Denise says:

    I have only had positive experiences using my Discover card over the years. No, I don’t work for the company, I’m just a regular customer who uses this card exclusively for my online purchases. I use the ShopDiscover and have never had any problems, it’s always worked out very smoothly with getting the cashback bonuses.
    I feel for anyone who has had problems, but I just wanted to say that there are many of us who haven’t.

  77. Den Clark says:

    I received an e mail that from October 1st thru December 31st I would receive 15% off all online and store purchaces,they are now telling me I signed up for 5% off,I am very pissed off

  78. Mr. S. Smith says:

    ShopDiscover did not even give 1% of the $2,500 of 2 laptops I purchased at the Toshiba website that I linked through ShopDiscover. I was suppose to earn 5%. ShopDiscover is a scam, sham and a JOKE!

  79. sherene says:

    the only reason i used my dicover card to purchase from dell was being of the cash back and like the rest of you discover customer service is denying having any dell promotion at the time of my purchase. this is very deceptive and disappointing, i will not be using my discover card anymore.

  80. Celia says:

    Here’s a new one. Discover just erased my accrued points (about $16)!! No record of cashing them in, and I certainly didn’t do it. It’s a week now, and all I got was “Wendy” saying she’d bump the question upstairs.
    If I had read this site before coming back to Discover after ignoring them for a few years, I wouldn’t have come back.
    OtOH I got my ShopDiscover points from an LLBean purchase the next day.
    Maybe we should collectively get hold of Chris Elliott, the guy who does the travel ombudsman columns.


    • Discover Team says:

      Hi Celia! I was able to look into this for you and see that we have added the $15.85 in Cashback Bonus back to the account. You will see it on your next statement. Please let me know if you have any other questions by emailing me at Thanks. Hilary

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