Cashback Bonus Partners/Cabela’s

Greg B, West Lawn, PA:

The members of our local fishing club have for years helped subsidize our youth fishing day with products we purchased using our Cabela’s gift cards we obtained through redeeming our reward$ for purchases at Cabela’s; imagine our utter dismay when we phoned to redeem our cashback bonuses only to find that a partnership between Discover and Cabela’s no longer exists… Hoping that thru this posting someone with the clout necessary to have an influential positive outcome to this searing setback into the positive influences of our youth will stand-up and be recognized. God Bless this person… Thank You!

11 Responses to Cashback Bonus Partners/Cabela’s

  1. Rob S. says:

    I agree! I just tried to redeem my cashback bonus at Cabela’s and noticed the same thing. It is one of the prime reasons that I continue to use my Discover Card. Please bring back Cabela’s as a Cashback bonus partner.

  2. Chad K says:

    Perhaps I’ll have to start using my airline card again to subsidize my traveling as Cabela’s was the one reason that I kept using Discover. I’ve been saving up for a big purchase, and now it looks like that won’t happen. This leaves me very much displeased.

  3. Joel S says:

    I’m with you guys. I had been saving my points to redeem for a $50 gift card at Cabela’s, then right when I have the points, Cabela’s is gone. Very disappointed as I was looking forward to the gift card for quite some time. Should have redeemed for $25 gift card when I had the chance. Guess I’ll look to use different cards for better rewards.

  4. Jeff J. says:

    Went to redeem my rewards for Cabela’s and now no option is available. No reason to use my discover card anymore for big purchases. Please bring back Cabela’s as a cashback bonus partner.

    • Discover Rewards Team says:

      Jeff-We no longer offer Cabela’s gift card because of their relationship they have with another credit card company. If you are interested, we do offer other sporting good gift cards. – Kelly

      • Erik Sandsmark says:

        I am not going to use my Discovercard any more due to this. Kelly with discovercard states that they no longer have the program with cabelas due to cabelas relationship with another card. What card is that? Discovercard should work something out with bass pro shops then. Kelly states that there are other sporting good options but there are none that are even in the same league with cabelas. Who agrees with me on this.

    • Les K. says:

      I have actually just redeemed for 2 gift cards to bass pro shops. i know that they are partnered with them! :-)

  5. Terrence B says:

    I must echo the statements above. I used the Cash Back Bonus exclusively for my Cabela’s purchases. Purchases that I either won’t make or will be forced to cut back on now. today I planned a $200 purchase…. I am disappointed by this. This makes the Discover card less desirable now. Does anyone know if another card is teamed up with Cabela’s for discounts?

  6. Glen says:

    I am disappointed as well for much of the same reasons above. Why not try a partnership with Bass Pro then? Having either Cabela’s or Bass Pro would be a big incentive for me to continue using my Discover card. No offense Kelly, but your other sporting good partner cards do not offer the same merchandise that Cabela’s or Bass Pro offers–there’s nothing comparable. I’m not able to purchase a hunting blind from Callaway Golf. Thank you.

  7. JD says:

    Agreed with everyone above. The only reason I use the discover card was because of the availability of Cabela’s cards. Is there a way we can communicate this to someone at Discover? Do they care? For now I guess I’ll go back to using my Amazon card for everything since their rewards are pretty good though even they don’t offer the $40 > $50 GC option :(

  8. Brian says:

    Too bad they didn’t let people know before doing this. I also had a bunch saved up I was going to use for Cabelas cards.

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