Can’t Function Without My Discover Card!!!

Tracy M, Norman, OK:

I have been a Discover Card member since 1988. I never really used the card much and had less than $20.00 in cash back bonus’ for the longest time. Finally in 1998, while building a house I decided I was going to at least get that $20.00. So I started using my card wherever I could. Before I knew it I had quite a bit of cashback bonus. Now I use my Discover card for everything. I mean everything!!!! Groceries, gas, restaurants, etc. Rather than putting cash down on a car I negotiated with the dealer to see how much I could put on my card without them charging me a surcharge (that amount was $2500.00) I immediately paid off the $2500.00 and made money at the same time. I actually use my Discover Card like a debit card. By keeping track of every purchase in my checkbook I am able to pay off the card in full every month and build, build, build my Cashback bonus. Since 1998 I have sent my son to California on two occasions and funded two full family vacations. It is a great way to save money for something special or for an emergency. Cashing in for gift cards is great. I try to keep some around all the time. Whether for gifts or just for the shopping I do, getting a $50.00 for $45.00 is just another way that Discover is saving me money. I am now training my son to use his Discover card in this same way. I only wish I had started this when I was his age.

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