A Free Nook Color for My Son’s Birthday!

Donna L, Statesboro, GA:

My 6 year old is learning to read and loves it so I want to get him a Nook Color for his birthday in August for free! I scanned the list of reward offers and made a plan to earn as much cashback as possible. MY PLAN: 1) In June we get Cashback for groceries so in addition to stocking up on my own groceries, I’m going to buy groceries for some elderly family members. My goal is to purchase $2,000 of groceries and earn $100. 2) I made my Christmas list, a list of home improvement and decorating purchases I need and a list of school clothes my son will need then shopped the stores that offered the most cashback first. 3) I made a large purchase at Snapfish earning 15% rewards, some items were personal and some for friends who reimbursed me. 4) I thought of about $500 worth of items I need to purchase at work so my boss gave me permission to make the purchases on my Discover card and will reimburse me. 5) I have a friend who also wants a Nook and will let me buy it for her to earn rewards and she’ll reimburse me. 6) I booked a 2 night hotel stay for $225 at 10% rewards. I’m so excited about my plan. I’m going to shop ’til I drop in June and I am absolutely certain I will get that Nook for free in August!!!

3 Responses to A Free Nook Color for My Son’s Birthday!

  1. Be aware that the 5% on groceries only applies to the first $200 you spend, and then the rest will be the “up to 1%” you normally receive, based on what tier you are in.

    Make sure you check out all the details on each 5% category. :)

  2. Jerry says:

    From the terms and conditions:

    ” Earn 5% Cashback Bonus on purchases made at grocery stores and drug stores from 6/1/11 (or the date on which you signed up, whichever is later) through 6/30/11, subject to a cap of $200 in purchases’

    Don’t be surprised and disappointed. You will only earn a maximum of $10 on the 5% cashback June only Grocery and Drug Stores special.

    Shop around. I have started using a competitor’s rewards card that sets a much higher cap ($1500 as opposed to $200 – $400) in the very same categories for the 5% rewards specials. They have no tier system either that penalizes you by setting you back to earning just .25% on your first $3000 in purchases every year. I always get at least 1% cashback now.

  3. Vegas Vegan says:

    EVEN if you do earn the $100 on groceries (which you wont – that’s a guarantee like the other comments said)…. AND if you don’t pay off the entire balance in full the next month… how much of that “free” $100 will be reduced by the 20%+ interest rate?

    WHY would ANYONE spend $2000 to get $100? In Vegas, that’s called a sucker bet.

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