Give a Blessing to Someone in Need

Give a Blessing to Someone in Need

Christi F, Stuart, FL:

Hey everyone…In the act of giving (which we all should be doing) I cash in my points for gas cards, restaurant cards and home improvement cards. When I’m in the grocery store or just around town and see a struggling family or homeless person…I give them a gift card for gas or for a restaurant to get something to eat to help them out. What a blessing to them…they are ALWAYS shocked, but a bigger blessing to yourself to help someone out who is in need. Let your heart tell you who needs the blessing. I always say, “This isn’t coming from me. This is God giving you hope through me.” Can you imagine ALL of the blessings that we could spread around if everyone cashed in their points and shared with those who have fallen on hard times?

One Response to Give a Blessing to Someone in Need

  1. Nona says:

    Thank you so much for your post. This post has inspired me immensly. The first post that I’ve read in which someone actually GIVES away their CBB to help those in need, face to face instead of just donating that money to a charity you know where your charity is going and who its helping. I can only hope others will follow your AMAZING example (: thank you so much.

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