Discover Rules!!!!

J A B, Quakertown, PA:

By far, Discover has been one the best cards I have ever had. Not only are the customer service people pleasant to deal with, the service is tremendous, along with the rewards. I use my Discover card 99.9% of the time. Mainly for every day purchases and of course, the cashback bonuses, which are above and beyond any other credit card I have ever used. By going to get gas for the car, or grocery shopping, or to restaurants, I know I can be assured I am saving a nice percentage on my purchase. These reward bonuses have been a blessing, where it has provided me with extra income when I needed it the most. I will continue to use my Discover card and will strongly encourage friends & family to do the same. Thank you Discover! JB

One Response to Discover Rules!!!!

  1. MB says:

    Discover will screw you with their “Shop Discover” program as well. Bought a washer and dryer from one of their shop discover vendors that should have given me about $120 in cash back. Never got it. According to them, the purchase did not qualify because of some hidden rule that they don’t tell you about. Cancelled their crap card and will never get one again.

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