The CashBack is a Lie

John T, Wappingers, NY:

Discover claims that it gives you 1% cashback, but I never get 1% cashback on all of my purchases. The only advantage of using this is the ability to track my purchases, but the cashback is a joke. Last month I spent $900 at various stores and gas stations, I received $2.50. $1.50 of that was from the $5 cashback, which I have my doubts about also. Obviously there are massive restrictions, but Discover should stop pretending that they are even trying to give anyone %1 cashback. If you shop at places like Walmart or other stores that allow you to save a lot more than $1, don’t expect to get too much cashback anytime soon.

2 Responses to The CashBack is a Lie

  1. R. Johnson says:

    You do realize that 1% is equal to .01 cent for every dollar spent and 5% is .05 cent for every dollar. So, if you spend $900, your cash-back return is only 0.90 cents, in a 1% category.

    Before you criticize, please learn Basic Math…. cheers

    • R. Johnson says:

      Just kidding. I do realize you should have received $9 back, unless there were returns, during the billing cycle…. I was poking fun at a representative who said that to me, because like you, I had the same type of concern/complaint. But, no matter the example I gave, she kept insisting I needed to learn math. So, I’m hoping, one day, they, will read the post. I should have used quotes… Take care.

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