Double Cash Back Bonus for Birthday Month

Tim S, Sweetwater, NJ:

Reading is a wonderful thing. I just read that my entry must be between 300 to 500 words in order to count for the contest so I will write more. I just signed up to get Double Cash back Bonus up to $500 in purchases for the month of July because it is my wife’s birthday month. Not a bad promotion although I found it by accident and almost missed the promotion because I did not get an email for the promotion it was just a link on the Discover Card site. I enjoy the cash back rewards program because I can use the twenty five dollar gift cards as gifts for my nieces and nephews. It makes gift buying easy and cheap. It is actually a win win situation because there are some many choices of gift cards that there is definitely one that suits their interests or needs and I am not running around looking for a gift that they will find goofy. I also like to order gift cards for restaurants to keep in my purse for a treat to go out to eat. I like to stock up on a couple of different gift cards for when I am traveling on vacations. So many of the restaurant gift cards are for chain restaurants all over the United States making it easy to use your card on vacation. It can really cut down on you cost for eating out during vacation when you order the gift cards from Discover card in advance of your vacation. I also like to send one gift card per week to a restaurant to my daughter who is a camp counselor in the area of Lake George NY so that she can treat herself to a decent meal on her day off as she complains that camp food is not very good.

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