Security and Cash Back


Anna W, Ocala, FL:

The most important thing to me is the security that Discover has in place. I like the fact that if I am traveling and it is not my normal area, I get notified via phone or email to make sure I am the one using my card.

I use Discover for everything, unless the merchant does not accept Discover and then I try and convince them they need to accept it.

The cash back is a great bonus. I am retired and do not have a lot of disposable income, so the restaurant coupons are a treat for us to have a lunch or dinner out on the town.

Another bonus is having all of your expenses listed for you. I use my statements all the time as a timeline of when something has been purchased, when or where.

I have no fear of ordering online with the unique card numbers. I give unique numbers to the cable company, phone and cell phone, internet and purchase online companies and they never know my real credit card number. Hard to steal my number that way.

What can I say, Discover has been a real blessing in our life.


2 Responses to Security and Cash Back

  1. Ted says:

    You state “I have no fear of ordering online with the unique card numbers.” I assume you mean the virtual account number program. That program is being thrown in the trash by Discover. Yes, it was the most secure method of making online purchases. I have also used it for telephone purchases. It was great. Now I will use Citi – Master Card for the same program. That makes my lose some because I’m not receiving as many cash-back rewards now.

  2. Discover Team says:

    Hi Ted, Despite discontinuing the Secure Numbers program, we still offer other ways to protect your account when shopping online such as multiple layers of fraud detection and precention and authentication and ID verification to protect your account information. You are also protected with our $0 Fraud Liability, so you are never liable for unauthorized purchases.

    Hope this helps ease your mind the next time you use your Discover card to shop online.

    Thanks! *Stephanie

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