Sneaky Sneaky

James M, San Diego:

I had been using my “Open Road” Rewards card since 2002. When I signed up, I was promised 5% cashback on gas purchases year round, instead of the rotating 5% deals on another card. Somehow, Discover discontinued the 5% on gas deal in February 2010, and I just found out about it today in September 2011. All this time, I was putting ALL my gas purchases on the “Open Road” card, when I could have been earning better rewards elsewhere. I can only imagine how many other unsuspecting customers like me are out there. What a disappointment!!!!! Consumers beware…

One Response to Sneaky Sneaky

  1. Discover Team says:

    Hi James, You should have received a notice in February when the 5% program for Open Road ended. However, the Open Road card still earns you CBB when you purchase gas. You will automatically get 2% Cashback Bonus on the first $250 in purchases each month at gas stations and restaurants. You also earn unlimited 1% Cashback Bonus on all other purchases. Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks! *Stephanie

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