Thomas H:

After trying to apply my cash back bonus to pay for purchases on Amazon, I finally “discover” in fine print that I apparently don’t have the right kind of card.
The one I’ve used faithfully and often since 1991 gets little respect, I see. Thanks for getting my hopes up and wasting my time.

5 Responses to Disappointment

  1. GoodStew says:

    I guess it pays to read the “fine print” huh? People are weird (or maybe stupid)… they choose not to educate themselves regarding the rules and parameters included with their particular card, then turn around and blame the credit card company for not meeting their expectations. Sheesh…

    • Thomas H. says:

      It wasn’t on the front page and it popped up later. Some people are judgmental and small minded and no one seems to meet their expectations. SHEESH.

  2. Vegas Vegan says:

    The Discover small print is getting smaller and smaller by the second. And the black font seems to have changed to a light gray… even harder to read with “older” eyes.

    Sure seems a deliberate act on Discover’s part.

  3. say what says what says:

    WHAT ? you mean the much touted cashback for amazon has exclusions based on type of discover card ?

    Anyway what is the point of using cashback at amazon versus just paying with card and applying cashback to the balance ?

  4. Vegas Vegan says:

    It gets worse:

    “Items that may not be purchased using Pay with Cashback Bonus or Pay with Miles include some digital downloads such as music and movies, select gift certificates, Kindle downloads, Subscribe and Save items, AmazonLocal items, and AmazonFresh purchases.”

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