Cashback Bonus Award

Cashback Bonus Award

Kathy H:

I have had my card now for over 20 years, I use my card for just about everything, from gas to groceries, Dr. appointments To washer and dryer that I got for my Birthday. My bills go to discover , I can track what I’m spending by having it all in one place. I have bought new furniture and curtains to match. The best time is when I’m using my card shopping for myself. when i had extra money. i have been to the auctions online won too nice stuff. jewelry shopping and clothes shopping . always makes you feel good , getting some thing for your self now and then.
I use to use the cash back to give to, make a wish foundation, plus get a check that i used for the beach for my children and myself . I love cash back now i just put it towards my bill which is nice, except for today i used some of it for a zynga card to play farmville i’m addicted to the game . For I can no longer work and spend like I use to. I came down with MS, Then got hurt at work and can no longer work after dealing with them to get my money I came down with COPD & Fibromyalgia and I’m left just about penniless my discover card got me through those tough times. I’m still dealing with them to get money then the Dr. tells me I have diabetes im like this isn’t happening , to top all that my son is sick in and out of the hospital , I do my best to care for him over an eight yr period , and last month he passed a way at 26 yrs of age I cant deal with the loss for i loved him so much my heart is breaking. how does one go on after that, I dont know but discover was there and helped me , and the games do there best to give me something else to think about.

Thank You Discover for all the wonderful years of cashbacks . I think I put them to good use.

Kathy H

One Response to Cashback Bonus Award

  1. lenahaugland says:

    Lord, love ya Kathy H.

    Thanks for sharing your story and my best wishes to you.


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