Gift Card Disappointment

Anne B, Clinton, NY:

For a couple years I was happy and the recipients were happy when I gave them all Discover Gift Cards for Christmas. Since you have been charging a minimum of $3.95 for each, I can’t afford it. I have 19 gifts to buy and that is way too expensive. It’s much cheaper to buy free store and restaurant cards or write personal checks.

3 Responses to Gift Card Disappointment

  1. Faril Dickens says:

    I can not believe you are charging for these cards. How dare you!

  2. Vegas Vegan says:

    Must have changed the rules again. Here’s what it says on the gift card page:

    Redeem Your Cashback Bonus for a Discover Gift Card
    Use wherever Discover Cards are accepted
    Personalize with name and choice of design
    Discover will waive the purchase fee and shipping charges

  3. Danna Walter says:

    I did not even realize the gift cards had a charge. So unfair. I have used them for years for my godchildren and some gifts. I vaguely remember a charge once but never looked into it. I hope Vegas Vegan is correct. Will check my invoice now.

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