Redeemed Cash Back for Zynga Games

Sherry H, TRENTON, NJ:

Presently I am on bed rest after having major surgery to my spine and I play a lot of the Zynga Games on FaceBook to occupy my time.

Discover card advertised on FaceBook in Farmville that you can use your CashBack Bonus credits toward the Zynga Games and get prizes for your games. Fantastic. I thought I have been paying (for example only) $25 for 200 Zynga Cash and now I will get $400 Zynga Cash for the same $20. What a great way to reward FaceBook and Zynga players.

This will make playing the games and completing the tasks a lot more fun and quicker. As always, I am very happy with my Discover Card and the Cash Back Bonus’ that you can use for almost everything.

WTG Discover!

2 Responses to Redeemed Cash Back for Zynga Games

  1. elizabeth says:

    Off to redeem mine too. Thanks. I hadn’t heard about this

  2. elizabeth says:

    Hope you heal quickly and the new year brings you back on your feet again

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