Presents, Gifts, Presents, Gifts

Helene R, Sharon, MA:

I just love the Cashback Bonus reward feature of Discover! “WHY?” you ask??? I use my Discover card for EVERYTHING that I need and/or want, and in return the people I love receive unexpected gifts from me that cost me nothing but makes me feel like $1,000,000 to see their smiles. Thank you, Discover, for giving me what I want in order to give to others.

2 Responses to Presents, Gifts, Presents, Gifts

  1. Vegas Vegan says:

    Those “gifts” sure did cost you something! You had to spend money in the first place to get the rewards…

    IF you had NOT used your card in the first place, do you think Discover would have still given you the rewards money? That would be the true definition of “free money”.

  2. Helene says:

    First of all, the purchases I make I need and/or use. The “gifts” is after I’ve spent what I would have spent anyway, therefore, MY definition of “free money” is exactly what I said. If I use cash or my Discover card what would be the difference since I pay off my bill each and every month, therefore, I don’t carry a balance to have to pay any interest. So, yes, I do receive “FREE MONEY” that I choose to use towards my family’s “gifts”. Secondly, you don’t have to be so judgemental….perhaps you could learn from this and “give”………

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