I Drink My Cashback Bonus

Dean J, Meadows Place, TX:

That’s right – you heard me correctly. I’m a coffee addict. I love Starbucks. So how perfect is it that I get my Cashback bonus in Starbucks ($50 for $45). I have the app on my phone and walk into Starbucks and get a Grande skinny Latte extra hot and scan my phone. I’m good to go and one happy man. Thanks Discover for making many days good days while I drink happiness into my day.

One Response to I Drink My Cashback Bonus

  1. L. K. says:

    Greatly disappointed that I am not getting my 20% Cashback Bonus on Sony purchase. First, they couldn’t find the records of my purchase, then it took 3,5 months going back and forth finally find out that I am not getting anything. I spent 950$ via ShopDiscover and didn’t get what I was promised. The answer was simple, I didn’t meet the requirement and they sent me new terms which promises 5% cashback and other restrictions that I didn’t follow. so these terms were completely different when I purchased my laptop 3,5 month ago. This is very frustrating, as I like to shop through their website, but now I am not sure it will happen any time soon.

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