No Interest – All Cashback

Pamela R, Hesperia, CA:

I have had my discover card for over 20 years and have never paid one cent in interest but have received hundreds of dollars in cashback bonus’. Just today, I received $100 in cash credited to my statement. As a person on a fixed income, this is huge for me. I can use my Discover as a 30 day charge, pay off the balance each month without any interest and Discover rewards me with cashback. Thank you Discover! You rock!

3 Responses to No Interest – All Cashback

  1. yvonne redden says:

    isappointed in discover gave gift cards for xmas learned if u dont use the card in time you are charged 2,50 a month for not using the card this is embarrased at register yvonne redden will not give thar card again

    • Dave says:

      If you activate the card and don’t use it for 1 whole year THEN they take $2.50 off each month. I would think that 1 year is enough time to use it up.

  2. Rick Cowan says:

    After charging $4,000 for an auto downpayment, I was disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t earn anywhere near the advertised 1% cash back. Although I’ve been a Discover user since 1986, I hadn’t noticed that there’s a $3,000 “deductible” that must be met each year before the 1% kicks in.
    I’m wondering how many other Discover users are aware of this… It was a nasty surprise to me.

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