Cashback Bummer

Scott H, IL:

So last November I made a $1000 purchase at a clothing store thinking that I would receive a $50 CBB. It was just confirmed by a Discover customer service associate that I could only earn $15 per category ($300 cap last year). Thats embarrassing for Discover considering Chase has a $1500 cap (although Discover now has the same cap this year to remain competitive with Chase).

The thing that is frustrating is that I’m out $50 bucks when I believed I would be rewarded. Honestly, looking at the categories for this coming year, movie tickets, amusement parks, museums, I will be using my other cards much more and/or signing up with Chase. Discover has no groceries and no travel. Who spends $1500 on movie tickets? You can’t even spend $1500 on these categories.

It is a shame because I was a huge supporter of my Discover card. Now I feel like I have no reason to continue using it.

Cashback Bummer…

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