John P, Atlanta, GA:

My Discover Cash Back Bonus card shows my being a member since 1985. After receiving an invitation to obtain a 2% cashback bonus in my birthday month and an invitation to obtain 5% on certain categories of purchases in each case by going to discover.com, I tried numerous times to do so and was disappointed not to be able to get set up. Loyalty must not be important here.

2 Responses to Disappointed

  1. Discover says:

    Hi John, I am so sorry that you are having issues with your Cashback Bonus, but I think I can help. Plz email Nancy, my colleague in Customer Service, at socialcs@service.discovercard.com. She can take a look at your account and see what happened. She also may be able to help you sign up for the 5% categories and your double Cashback for your birthday. Thx! *Stephanie

  2. Vegas Vegan says:

    Be careful about the birthday bonus. Whatever you charge during that month does NOT count towards the $3000 needed to get the 1% instead of .25%. Not a problem if you’ve already reached that threshold, but it is a problem if you haven’t reached it yet (as in anniversay month is August and birthday is Sept.). I certainly won’t be making that mistake again – took me an additional 2 months to reach the $3000.

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