No Cashback for Home Improvement Stores?

Colleen B, Elizabeth, PA:

Was hoping to earn Cashback for purchases at Home Improvement stores from April-June, only to find that this offer doesn’t exist any more (in 2012). Why?

3 Responses to No Cashback for Home Improvement Stores?

  1. Discover Rewards Team says:

    Colleen – We selected the 2012 5% program categories based on cardmember feedback. The overwhelming response is that Discover cardmembers wanted everyday categories such as Gas and Restaurants more frequently to help maximize their Cashback Bonus. Home Improvement purchases still earn the up to 1% Cashback Bonus. Additionally, we offer 5% Cashback Bonus for Home Depot, Ace, and Lowes purchases when you shop through our online shopping mall, ShopDiscover. Hope this information is useful. – Kelly

  2. lorraine says:

    Use your Discover card at Giant Eagle (to get gas perks) to purchase gift cards for the home improvement stores. We do this for any known purchaes (i.e., restuarants, home improvement, etc.). We were disappointed to find that Best Buy gift cards are no longer available – we had a major purchase and we would have been able to save $120 in gas. Love using Discover for all purchases – even McDonalds.

  3. Rose Brannan says:

    Agree that I’m totally disappointed that Home Improvement is not included in the 5% Cash back. I looked forward to that budget helper every year with the arrival of Spring and necessary Home Improvement/Repair projects. Don’t know which card members were interviewed who decided Home Improvement was less valuable as say, restaurants, etc. In this economy, restaurants are a luxury, home improvements –such as new shingles, energy saving appliances, insulation, etc. are a necessity. It was a poor decision on part of Discover to discontinue Home Improvement–certainly not in consideration with card holder members struggling in today’s economy.. Even categories such as Department Stores, Theatres, etc. are ‘luxury’ items; Home Improvement/REPAIRS are necessities….

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