A Gift

Jack E, Shelbyville, MI:

I am almost 85 and my wife is not well. Being able to order and pay for everything we have delivered, which is almost everything we buy,the cash back pays the delivery tips, which is a great help to us with so many DR. bills and other necessary items.
Jack E

4 Responses to A Gift

  1. Dorothy W. Nicholson says:

    I agree with Jack E. from Shelbyvilld, MI., I have been getting rewards for a long time, and I have used some to pay my bill down, so if I have more than I can easily afford to pay, I have used some to pay on my account. I also have gotten gift cards to some stores, and also some eating places, and it is great to have a gift card to go to a restaurant for a special occasion, and not fill guilty about spending money we don’t have for special items.

  2. where oh where are my pending charges???? Hopefully they are lost and I will not ever see them again. !!!!! Oh joy!!!!

  3. Dan Har-el says:

    if the 5% cash back service is free why do you need my signature? the concept that some users get 5% cash back & some do not leaves a bad taste in my mouth. there is a cloud of uncertainty, lack of transparency & a long line of questions of … Why???

  4. Jerry says:

    When you are going to order something online be sure to check Shop Discover to see if the merchant is one of the participating merchants.
    The 5% to 20% cashback rewards on Shop Discover is a great benefit.
    Just remember to go through Shop Discover to place the order.

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