Gift Cards!

Julie H, Keizer, OR:

I love being able to take my family & friends out to dinner with gift cards from my cash back rewards.
My parents decided to start using Discover and my Mom is now planning a surprise 82nd Birthday Party for my Dad who has never had a surprise party. Fun!! Thanks Discover!

6 Responses to Gift Cards!

  1. Don Heflin says:

    HEY! I got gasoline on Friday, the 13th, BUTT it was not for $100!! HELP!

    • Discover Team says:

      Hi Don – Often, gas station merchants will add a hold charge to your gas purchases until the charge is processed and approved. Once it goes thru, it will be removed and you should just see the amount you charged. Check your transaction again – if you still see the $100 charge you did not make please call 1-800-DISCOVER immediately. Thanks! *Janel

  2. I guess I started a little late but now that we are retired it has been great being able to take or family out to eat on your gift cards.

  3. Anna Mello says:

    We should be able to apply 2 different banking accounts and be able to save them on line. Then we can make a pmt from different accounts at the same time. You allow us to change and pay from a different account but then the present account which a pmt is pending from, is then changed as well to pay from. The reason I want to pay from 2 accounts, is because some of my charges are personal and some are tax write offs. I have a pending payment right now and when I go in to make another pmt and go to change the banking account it tells me that the present pmt pending will change and be paid from the new bank account that I am inputting and paying from. In others words every time I have to re put the info in and change when I should be able to pay and then pay from another at the same time………..

  4. Jan Thornton says:

    What is this whole balance threshold thing?

  5. dawn Macphee says:

    Discover card is the best credit card I ever owned and have had it for about 14 years. It is my only US credit card and I live in Canada and whenever I leave Canada to go anywhere I use it if at all possible. Thankyou. Zora Dawn M.

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