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Scott W, NC:

I recently signed up for the Discover cashback credit card. I’ve had it for about a month and have already accumulated over $25.00 in bonuses. It’s a phenomenal benefit. If one pays attention to the cashback bonus calendar, and signs up as allowed, you can make a lot of extra money by using your card for things you’ll buy anyhow. At 5% cashback, it’s like paying .20/gallon less on gas.

I for one am sold on the program. I’m just a little disappointed that some vendors don’t yet accept Discover.

Scott W.

2 Responses to New Member

  1. Vega Vegan says:

    1% starts AFTER $3,000 of NON-bonus spending. So if you are at $2,950 of spending and you spend $50 on movies, that $50 gets you 5% bonus BUT you are still at $2,950 regarding spending. Every year on your “anniversary” date, it starts all over again.

  2. N.N Essien says:

    i am a new member, just not happy with my credit limit. can’t wait for my American Express

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