Cashback Bonus – Impossible to Understand

David D, Memphis, TN:

I recently obtained a Discover Cash Back bonus card as it stated there is a 5% rebate on gas purchases up to $2,000. Guess what? I bought $4,000 of gasoline and did not even get a 1% cash back bonus!!!! What’s up with that??? The website does not specify the rules sufficiently to understand.

Be careful when considering changing credit cards. The big print does not always match the small print.

One Response to Cashback Bonus – Impossible to Understand

  1. Discover Rewards Team says:

    David-If you signed up for the 5% program in the 1st Quarter, you had the opportunity to earn up to $75 in Cashback Bonus for up to $1500 in purchases made on gas, movies or museums from January – March 2012. For example, if you made $1,000 in gas purchases, you would have earned $50 in Cashback Bonus. Remember to sign up each quarter to maximize your rewards. This quarter’s program features restaurants and movie theaters. Sign up to earn 5% on purchases up to $1,500 – that’s up to $75 in Cashback Bonus. Hope this information is helpful. – Kelly

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