love cashback bonus promotions but…

T. M:

i’ve been a loyal Discover Card user for over 15 years because of their GREAT cashback bonus program. i particularly look forward to the Double Cashback Bonus Days promotions they frequently have. my card gets serious usage on those days because i’ll use it over my other cards when i otherwise wouldn’t have if not for the Double Cashback incentive. my only gripe is i wish Discover would implement a more reliable (and consistent) way of notifying their cardholders of these promotions. sometimes i’ll a receive an email asking me to sign up via the email link (no login required) and sometimes i’ll have to log in to my account to find out if any current promotions are available, which means if i forget to logon on a particular day, i’m likely to miss the promotion. AND on top of that hassle, sometimes i’ll completely miss the Bonus Days promotion because the signup page wasn’t visible in my account (i log on EVERYDAY to check for any promotions) OR an email wasn’t sent out, which is what happened to me this last time when Discover ran a Valentines Double Cashback Bonus promotion on Feb. 9th. the only way i found out about it was after contacting customer service inquiring about any Double Cashback Bonus promotions and she informed me that i just missed the recent one on Feb. 9th. i wish Discover would create a page in the account center dedicated to notifying the cardholders about ALL their current promotions, whether it be Double Cashback Bonus Days or something other offer, and not JUST their quarterly Cashback rewards programs. i logged in today and FINALLY saw an offer for Double Cashback for charges in Mexico only to find out the promotion started Feb. 1st (!!!) which means it was offered to me 20 days AFTER the promotion already started. i haven’t used my Discover card much in 2013 because of this. please create a more streamlined way of notifying ALL cardholders of the Double Cashback Bonus days!

3 Responses to love cashback bonus promotions but…

  1. anthony says:

    i would like my money

  2. Trish Bolton says:

    I am sorry that you have dropped the Chico store from your list. I used that often for redeeming my points. Are you going to add it back?

  3. s.t. says:

    I have been a discover card holder for over 20 years. I never knew about cashback bonus days until reading this post.

    What I am upset about is… WHY DO I HAVE TO request the lastest cash back offer monthly. This should be automatic (but they won’t). I have better things to do monthly after I make my payment on the phone.

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