Very Simple = Very Awesome

December 10, 2014


Its this simple….Be responsible and don’t purchase anything you can’t pay for in cash, pay your bill on time and in full, and get cash back while not incurring interest costs. Even better, use your card to make purchases from “Shop Discover” links and get even more cash back. You can’t beat this!

No Rewards to buy Bose products

December 9, 2014

Jawahhar J, Falls Church, VA:

I am so disappointed to see that i am not able to use my rewards to by a Bose Product online,neither we do not have tie ups for any deals between Discover and Bose. It will be great to have one.

worst experience ever

December 5, 2014

Yuping C:

Bought a computer worth more than $2000 through Shopdiscover on 3 months ago simply because Discover offered 10% cash back. It was a big purchase for me and $200 was the only reason why I used the card.

Clicked the link, off to payment, Lenovo somehow blocked me from payment. Tried many times, didn’t go through. At that point I didn’t have a choice but to call Lenovo and Discover. A three-party phone call with Lenovo and Discover unblocked this purchase at Lenovo. However, actually Discover still held me after Lenovo unblocked the purchase so I had to make tons of phone calls to Discover to get one order through. Note, with every order I purchased through Shopdiscover. Finally order was made, but cash back bonus never appeared on my account.

About a month ago I called Discover, they said they needed to open an investigation for 2-4 weeks but didn’t ask me for any info or to fax anything. I waited and called today, talked with some person high in position in Customer Service, who said they can only offer me $50.

I tried to explain that I am not satisfied with the $50, because I followed all the directions for the $200. She kept saying that the order was processed through phone call, but who would call if the initial three-party phone-call also released the block from Discover, which they said they DID at that time?

I was trying to tell her that the idea behind Shopdiscover is, that a customer uses the card, shop through Discover, the merchant benefit from Discover customers and offer a cash back, so it is a Win-Win-Win. I didn’t do anything wrong, I shopped the computer with Discover, the merchant got benefit, Discover got benefit, now WHERE IS MY BENEFIT THAT WAS PROMISED? Yes, *I* was trying to tell her that. But she didn’t let me finish my first sentence, she kept saying what she wanted to say without listening to the customer (no I wasn’t even yelling at her! I was trying to explain, she, on the other hand, was on the edge of yelling.) And in the end, she hanged me up without listening to me! How ridiculous!

If anybody from Discover read this message, please only contact me if you can get me the $200 I deserve. Otherwise please don’t waste my time any more, and this is my Goodbye with Discover.

I was a happy customer until recently. ShopDiscover has disappointed me!

October 30, 2014

Kate N, Chesapeake, VA:

I have been using ShopDiscover whenever I shopped online since I can earn cashback with my purchase. Most of the time, I opted out from using sites such as FatWallet or Rebates since the cash back process from ShopDiscover seemed pretty straight-forward. I have never been disappointed with ShopDiscover until now.
99% of the time, ShopDiscover failed to report cash back after 30 days a purchase have been made. Normally, I would send Discover an email with the purchase order #, date of purchase, and the amount. As long as the amount shows up on my statement, I get my cash back. However, recently, on numerous occasions, Discover would not give me my cashback until it contacts the merchant to perform an investigation, which can take another 4-6 weeks. I am a little bit puzzled about this. I do not understand why I have to wait 30 days to remind Discover to give me the cash back AND wait another 4-6 weeks for Discover to “investigate”, although there is a record of me clicking on ShopDiscover link and there is also a charge of the amount from the merchant on the same day.
All in all, I am very disappointed in ShopDiscover. If this continues, I believe I and many other Discover customers will opt out on using ShopDiscover. I would rather use FatWallet or Rebates to avoid the hassle I have to deal with when shopping with ShopDiscover.
Please consider looking into ShopDiscover and improve your customer service. I know Discover Card prides itself on its exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, ShopDiscover is in desperate need for some improvement.

Cashback is a joke

August 19, 2014

Charles F, Seattle, WA:

I have been going through Shop Discover to make purchases at Groupon a lot. For a while, I was getting my bonus, but over the past several months, stopped receiving them. I contacted customer service and listed my order numbers, date of purchase, and amount as they requested. They responded that purchases made partly with Groupon Bucks are not eligible claiming they are a promotion or discount. When I have purchased Groupons with a promotion or discount, it says it on the transaction. Groupon Bucks are from gift cards which are purchased by cash. Apparently, cash is a discount or promotion. If I went to Home Depot, bought something using a gift card as partial payment and used Discover for the rest, I would get the bonus on what I charged to Discover. So that makes no sense.

I purchase more than one Groupon deal at a time, most of the time. They did not bother to look at the fact that my purchase would show as one charge for all three and not three different transactions on my Discover Card.

They claim I did not access Groupon through Shop Discover. I know I did because I do it every time. Why would I not want to go through Shop Discover when I know I am going to get a cash back bonus? It absolutely makes no sense. The best part is, Discover tracks when we sign on to their websites and knows who we shop through on Shop Discover. If say they tell you something different, it is not true. That is how they know who it is profitable for them to have a contract with for a cash back bonus.

Anyway, I got ripped off so will probably use a different card that will give me cash back even if it is less than what Discover would give me. At this time Discover is not giving me what it has promised even after I followed all of their rules.

Love 5% cash back

August 19, 2014

Barbara Z, Eagle River, WI:

We build our cash back bonus shopping through Discover online and taking advantage of the quarterly 5% back deals.


August 17, 2014

Robert T, Fort Worth, TX:

I have been using DISCOVER since 1990. I have built up cashback bonuses and used them to buy items. I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT on another tool. Recently my Washer went out (last month). Well, Sears had a sale going on and we picked out what we (she) wanted. I remembered “shop with discover” and went online to discover and looked up Sears. To my amazement, Sears was there and not just with a 1% cashback, but with a whopping 10% cashback. We(she) also decided to get the matching dryer. Bottom line is we spent 1200.00 (pre-tax). Thus, we got back 120.00. It’s like a savings account, BUT, DISCOVER IS PUTTING THE MONEY IN OUR ACCOUNT FOR US.. I now shope for even small items and not only is my account growing, but the items are ready for me to pick up. No waiting in line to pay at the register. SHOP DISCOVER!!! WATCH YOUR MONEY GROW!!!


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