January 27, 2015

Glenn PNJ:

Discover card short changed me in January 2015 for over $22.00 in the 5% rebate process.

I contacted customer service, which just sent me a link to the program details and would not help at all.

People should get together to file a class action lawsuit against Discover for fraudulant advertisement ……………..

The GPS I Got with Discover Rewards is Invaluable

January 27, 2015

Diana L, Las Vegas, NV:

I use my Discover Rewards on Amazon which has great deals and saves so much time and money locating what I want to buy. The past year I had problems with my eyes which made driving difficult. I bought a Garmin GPS on Amazon which was reduced in price, and using Discover Rewards I saved seventy-five percent,including shipping and handling. The GPS can be a life saver. It is best that you first look up where you are going and see the route overall so you have a general idea of where you are going. The two most important things the GPS does is to indicate at the end of your journey whether you will be turning right or left so that you can be ready and in the correct lanes. The other invaluable aid is that it tells you the streets ahead of time. If you cannot see the street signs clearly, it tells you the names so that when you see a signaled intersection coming up you know it is the one you want. It talks as well as has a screen to look at. It keeps me company and it is like having someone driving with me. I have gotten so used to it that I keep it on even when I absolutely know where I am going just for company.

Nice way to multiply rewards

January 27, 2015

William S, Drexel Hill, PA:

Usually I apply rewards to my balance, but this time I selected a $100 Lowe’s gift card for $90; I might add that I accumulated much of those rewards via the 5% Home Improvement promotion. Then with a military discount to lop another 10% off my purchase, walked away with $110.56 worth of merchandise for 56 cents cash. Not too shabby, eh?

I was just a little concerned that if I selected the online version of the gift card it would be usable at the physical store (you have to kinda dig into the rules to verify that), but all they need is the code number and PIN. I wanted to do the online version because that was virtually instant versus waiting some indefinite time for a mailed card.

But I do have one suggestion for you Discover folks, the printout of this ‘gift card’ is a bit inelegant, just a sheet of paper with the numbers, making it a little inconvenient to carry in a wallet, and the clerk has to manually enter the info. I would suggest something that looks more like a replica gift card, with a scan-able bar code.

Still, it worked and now I can get back to finishing my basement space!

– Bill.

Losing a Good Thing

January 26, 2015

Ed H, Gainesville, GA:

My sister has had some tough times when her husband’s health problems forced early retirement. For several years, my wife & I have been able to give her Discover gift cards. Unlike the cards from a particular store, the Discover gift cards could be used anywhere, which is just what she & her husband needed for food and other necessary items. Unfortunately, Discover has decided to drop their gift cards from the Cashback Bonus program. Now, there is no reason to continue using our Discover Card.

FREE Stuff on Amazon Thanks to Cashback Bonus

January 14, 2015

Brooke L:

I am a college student, and I wanted a smart way to build my credit score from buying gas and books. Not only do I have a decent credit score now, I also get my Cashback Bonus from buying things I would have to buy anyway like gas and books on Amazon. Discover just happens to offer 5% cashback rewards on those two things. I have redeemed those bonuses on Amazon and didn’t have to pay a dime for what I ordered. If I want to pay part of my bill with what I earned from my bonuses, I have the freedom to do that as well. Thank you DISCOVER!!!

Making Money by Spending Money

January 14, 2015

Juana N, Pekin, IL:

I always check to see where I can earn 5% cash back and use my discover card at those places! I’ve had my card for over 5 years and have earned hundreds of dollars!! I love discover. I don’t use any other card

Cashback confusion

January 13, 2015

Jill FAZ:

Our account recently received a cashback bonus of 6.77. However, our billing was 1991. It appears the cashback bonus of 1 percent has been lowered considerably.


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