April 5, 2012

John P, Atlanta, GA:

My Discover Cash Back Bonus card shows my being a member since 1985. After receiving an invitation to obtain a 2% cashback bonus in my birthday month and an invitation to obtain 5% on certain categories of purchases in each case by going to discover.com, I tried numerous times to do so and was disappointed not to be able to get set up. Loyalty must not be important here.

I Love Cashback!

January 5, 2012

Brian G, Redgranite, WI:

This Christmas was a very special time for me and my girlfriend. We are working on remodeling a house we purchased in May, and were at the time to purchase appliances. It just so happened that it was around the Black Friday weekend, that we were able to shop for them. The first thing I did was check with Discover.com, and see which website I could get the most cash back on, and actually figured out all of the appliance packages with the cash back! After all of our shopping online and in store, we made our purchase through Sears.com, which coincidentally, had a 15% cash back bonus! Sears also had a price match guarantee, and we were able to get the cheapest price anywhere, and then get an additional 15% cash back on top of that! Needless to say, when it was all said and done, we saved over $5,000 by using our Discover Card! Just absolutely amazing, and if I hadn’t looked on Discover.com, I wouldn’t be able to use our savings to continue to renovate our house, and buy even more nice touches. Thank you so much Discover for such a Merry Christmas!

Cashback Saves Tigers, Lions and More

November 7, 2011

Cashback Saves Tigers, Lions, and More

Ron S, Apex, NC:

I work with the Conservators’ Center, a large animal sanctuary in Mebane, NC, that is the last chance for many unwanted or abused carnivores. There are always cages that need repair or new compounds needed for recent arrivals. I use my Cashback to buy discounted gift cards through Discover.com for stores that have items needed by the Center, so we get even greater rewards. Those gift cards have paid for electrical systems to heat den boxes in winter, fencing to keep animals in (and people out), and enrichment supplies for our animal friends.

Thank you Discover Card, from all 100+ animals, staff, interns and volunteers.


August 26, 2011

Zia C, Santa Fe, NM:

I let mine mount up, I used $450 toward buying a IPad2/64g. Plus, I went to the Apple site through Discover.com and have been notified I’ll be getting $34.99 (5%) cashback bonus from Apple. Using the above perks I bought my $699 IPad2 for approx $214 plus tax.

Know Where Your Money’s Going

April 26, 2011

Peter C, Manchester, NH:

I use my Discover card to pay all my expenses, from everyday groceries to new windows. Not only do I save 1-5% on everything, but I can track where my money is going through Discover’s Spend Analyzer on Discover.com. It gives me my average spending over a 24 month period and breaks down my expenses into categories! It’s my own virtual financial advisor 24 hours a day!


Disappointing Cashback Bonus

January 12, 2011

David L, Dumfries, VA:

In November 2010, I went into Discover.com and selected one of the retailers offering a cashback bonus. It was Sears who was offering a bonus of 5 or 10 percent at that time. I was signed up for the double cashback bonus. I purchased a TV and a HDMI cable from Sears through Discover.com. The total price was $965. I expected to get a cashback bonus of at least $96.50, 10% of the purchase price. Well, what I received was $20. I called Discover and I was not given good reason for the much smaller cashback bonus.


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