A source of income in retirement

October 23, 2012

Cynthia A, Round Lake Heights, IL:

I have been actively using my Discover card for a couple of years now and have ‘earned’ around $300 per year from it. I use it mostly for paying utilities, for the monthly specials, and for online purchases. The online purchases are the best way to make money with it, since the 5% does not depend on the initial $3000 from your annual anniversary date. I do wish they would provide itemized info about which purchases provided how much cashback. It’s really hard to guess, but then I guess if we realized we were only getting 80 cents back on an $80 purchase we might just stop using it for retail purchases in stores. It seems such a paltry amount. But it really does add up. We have been retired for 10 years and every little bit helps.

Thank You Discover!

September 12, 2012

Linda F, Arlington, TX:

My husband and I purchased our “retirement home” about a year and a half ago. The home was built with a wonderful covered courtyard. I used my cashback bonus $ to purchase a beautiful wall fountain. I had saved my cashback for about two years. I tell anyone who comments on the fountain that I purchased it with my bonus money I earned with Discover!


June 2, 2011

Sharlene B, Norfolk, VA:

i have three (3) grandchildren graduating from High School and College, two(2)in May 2011 & one (1) in June 2011. I am on a fixed income (retirement) and really didn’t have money for appropriate gifts. Thank You “DISCOVER CASHBACK BONUS”, they will all receive Gift Cards from Grams with Love..Phew!!!!

That Extra Little Income

December 9, 2010

Mary HCA:

Discover’s Cashback Bonus program is fantastic. It puts that little extra income back into your pocket, and who doesn’t need that in these times?

Our family uses Discover Card for virtually any and every purchase. We pay our Electric bill with it, mobile phone bills, landline telephone bills, restaurant receipts, grocery store visits, coffee shop visits, insurance premiums, satellite TV bill, and so forth. If there is any expense we have that could be paid via Discover Card, we probably use Discover Card!

We simply make payments regularly, often before the bill even arrives, to not incur interest.

This past year, we made over $1,000 in Cash Back Bonus. This includes the extra earning promotions during the year as well as a little Shop Discover.

Indeed, I believe last year we made around a $1,000 too and the years before that more than five hundred a year. Just think, in ten years, we could save ourselves $10,000. Not a tiny thing, when you look towards retirement someday.

Discover is great to not limit the Cash Bank Bonus one can earn too. It “Just makes sense,” to use a card like Discover Card and earn money back. If there is another cash card you like, it might be ok too, but just pick one and use it. We highly recommend Discover. The customer service is simply fantastic. You can email them, live chat with them, or call them and you get the call center in Utah, with very competent people.

There is very little not to like about Discover and a lot to Love!

Great Eating Experiences

August 27, 2010

Milamari C, Columbia, MO:

Thanks for this program in my retirement, I can eat out and enjoy great food and times and still stay within my budget.


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