Wagging Tails

September 18, 2012


Barbara C, Rome, GA:

Love my discover cards … have two!!! Use them for everything including all utilities that take credit cards. With all the cashback bonus points I earn I’m able to get Sam’s gift cards on a regular basis. Can’t beat exchanging $40 in bonus points for $50 in gift cards … that’s an additional 20% savings for just using discover!!! Use the Sam’s cards for “FREE” dog food … the good stuff too. My dogs and I say THANKS DISCOVER!!!


Free iPad

May 16, 2012

Melanie H, Newton, NC:

To maximize my rewards,I use my Discover whenever possible. I love the convenience of paying reoccurring bills with my Discover and having one bill to review and pay monthly.
Sam’s club added $10.00 dollars to $40.00 in cash back bonus. I used all my cash back bonus to get Sam’s gift cards and was able to use those gift card to get my new iPad (3rd generation) free! The cashier at Sam’s was amazed at my story,it pays to Discover!

What’s Not to Love?!

May 1, 2012

Dana W, Duluth, GA:

I have recently began using my discover card to help with purchases needed for my online business since it takes a few days to get paid. I love that I can use it at Sam’s Club and other places I shop to increase my profits! Only thing I would suggest because I’m using it a lot more than before, is the ability to make payments daily (immediate availability would be even better)! I love my Discover Cashback Card, especially because their Customer Service is amazing as well! This was my first credit card and by far MY FAVORITE!!!

Cashback Bonus

May 1, 2012

Nitin M, Houston, TX:

I try my best to make use of the 5% CBB and Shop Discover. But what bothers me is the .25% CB on “warehouse clubs, discount stores, and their affiliates also earn .25%” Espacially at SAM’s club where Discover otherwise has affiliation and provides 2% CB Bonus cards through SAMs.

A list of type of Warehouses/Discount stores would be a better thing to have.

What I do to maximize my bonus is use this card only for 5% program and shop discover or special promotion. That way I don’t get only .25% on most of my purchases.

Happy Shopping!!


Cash Back Bonus Clarification

March 14, 2012

Sofia T, Edison, NJ:

I am so very grateful and happy for the cash back bonus program. Its savings that I look forward to like a treat for myself, plus I can track all my gas expenses now, especially since I started driving for work purposes recently. Plus I have to add that Discover card customer service is excellent. I actually called them because I purchase my gas at Sam’s Club gas station, plus I also purchase items at Sam’s Club and all purchases show at Sam’s Club on my statement, so I thought I was not receiving credit on my cash bonus rewards for the gas charges, but in reality when I called, found out that I was actually getting credits, since Discover had already separated/classified the charges. No worries!!! That’s awesome!!! I saw the rewards on me next statement and will continue to use Discover for my gas expenses. Thank you Discover!!!

The Love

February 16, 2012

Stacey Y:

Total sweetness! I don’t have the extra money right now to build up my food storage. I’ve been using my cashback bonus to get Sam’s club gift cards. I’m using those gift cards to buy food storage for my family! I have buckets of beans, flour, sugar, rice, etc. now! Thank heavens for Discover cashback!

I Heart Discover

October 21, 2011

Cheryl M, Ronco, PA:

I can’t see paying for a membership to Sams club at 35.00 per year, but guess what? For the past few years, I have cashed in Discover Card points for the membership fee plus 10.00 gift card.

I can justify buying the membership if it’s FREE

Thank you Discover card


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